Getting on with it

After getting out on Thursday I was the sweep for Saturday’s club red ride. I rarely don’t enjoy a ride – my principle is that I ride for pleasure so won’t go out if I don’t see where the pleasure will come from. That explains why I ride relatively little in the cold months or if it’s raining.

Didn’t enjoy the club red very much. Ended up riding with a very good bunch at the back of the main group – but the mid-way stop was well past mid-way, one of us had a puncture and by the time we were approaching the stop point the main group (other than Mark who did wait for us, thank you Mark) simply left. The aim has been that we regroup at the stop so that was disappointing. We need to stop for a short break anyway so we got entirely cut adrift.

As an antidote to that I went out this morning – back to Dragon Hill Road for 6 reps. I took it fairly easy and strangely managed to make the 6th my fastest rep of the day. I think I’ll try to mix these hill reps with some longer rides and see where that gets me for the WHC.

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