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Upping the training (literally)

A mixed bag. I went for a run with Libby doing hill reps but suffered afterwards with Achilles/planter faciitis problems in my right leg/foot. Next time I did laps of the old fort at Badbury Hill while she did the hill reps and that was better for me – but I still suffered a bit with my leg/heel. It feels like a bruised heel and a strained Achilles tendon just above the heel. I guess it’s a tight Achilles that is hurting and causing issues with the planter faciitis. Whatever it is, it hurts and I limp about all day.

As a result, I’ve ditched the running this week and went out on the bike on Thursday and today – both times heading out to Dragon Hill Road. On Thursday I did 9 reps and today (into a 20+mph headwind) 6 more. Today’s ride felt as hard as 50% more reps on Thursday – presumably in part due to a bit of residual fatigue but mainly, I guess, because of the wind. At times I was standing on the pedals and hardly making any forward progress.

This idea of training by tackling hill reps had better be a good one!

Getting on with it

After getting out on Thursday I was the sweep for Saturday’s club red ride. I rarely don’t enjoy a ride – my principle is that I ride for pleasure so won’t go out if I don’t see where the pleasure will come from. That explains why I ride relatively little in the cold months or if it’s raining.

Didn’t enjoy the club red very much. Ended up riding with a very good bunch at the back of the main group – but the mid-way stop was well past mid-way, one of us had a puncture and by the time we were approachingĀ the stop point the main group (other than Mark who did wait for us, thank you Mark) simply left. The aim has been that we regroup at the stop so that was disappointing. We need to stop for a short break anyway so we got entirely cut adrift.

As an antidote to that I went out this morning – back to Dragon Hill Road for 6 reps. I took it fairly easy and strangely managed to make the 6th my fastest rep of the day. I think I’ll try to mix these hill reps with some longer rides and see where that gets me for the WHC.

Training for 2017 starts here?

Out this morning for my first bit of hill climbing this year. Rode to White Horse Hill, Uffington, and did three reps of Dragon Hill Road. It’s about 1km long with 95m of ascent. In all I rode for 27.4km with 507m of climbing in 1 hour 11 mins. It all felt pretty good and I managed a PB on the steep bit out of Fernham to Ringdale Manor on the way back.

Not too bad for early March with very little riding being done to date – but not quite up to the 12 reps I did in 2015 in preparation for the Ventoux three-timer.

Out again tomorrow as I am designated sweep for the club’s red ride. As I say, perhaps this year’s training starts here!