Gym (x2), turbo (x2), mechanic, ride (what, no running?)

Re-opened on Monday 12th April, with the machines moved further apart taking up the leisure centre foyer and one of the squash courts

Monday was important in the UK’s lockdown easing. Non-essential shops, services, outdoor attractions and gyms reopened, pubs and cafes could serve outside. It snowed. That, Alanis, is ironic.

I decided that if the gym was taking the trouble to open the least I could do was to turn up, so I was there just after 8am (slightly late as a result of clearing snow off the cars). There was only one other person in there during my 50 minutes and it felt very safe (and, happily, not as cold as it was before Christmas but I had hat, gloves and jacket, just in case).

It was good to be back after nearly 4 months but I reduced most of the weights I lift, just to be cautious. With all the running I’ve been doing, I was surprised by how hard some of it was. It just goes to show (I guess) how important variety is in an exercise regime.

We went down to Bournemouth on Tuesday, something else we can now do for the first time for months. We went to check on the house, mow the lawns and make sure it’s OK for our older son and his girlfriend to go down in a couple of weeks. Sadly, much as I love running along the promenade, I didn’t run while we were there. Partly, that was due to being tight for time and partly out of respect for my knee.

I am not a vain person*/I am inclined to be scruffy* (*delete as applicable) so I was not bothered that I’d not had a haircut for 4 months. However, my hair is a very personal shade of blond (some who don’t know any better call it grey) and somewhat unruly. A higher authority decided that it needed cutting so I went on Wednesday. On my return I got “Oh no, you’ve lost your curls”.

To my knowledge, hairdressers tend to cut the ends off the hairs rather than wind the excess back into the scalp – how could I get it cut without losing the curls? Sometimes you just can’t win.

I did 30 minutes on the turbo on Wednesday evening – 14km @28kph (17.4mph) and was back on it again on Thursday – 21km in 45 minutes @28kph (17.4mph). Hard.

Gym again on Friday morning, using slightly increased weights compared to last week, but with more reps and extra care on anything involving the left knee. After that, the regular Friday session in charge of the cycle club’s charity bike shop with my son – we sold the shop’s 50th bike since its reopening 4 weeks ago (and the 51st and 52nd).

I took Saturday off but watched the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. Our younger son went up to Kensington Palace a few years ago to collect his Gold Award under the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. The Duke spoke to a small group of award winners and asked if anyone had a job. Our son was on his gap year at the time and piped up that he was working as a barman. “A barman! No doubt your parents were glad to get you off their hands.” was the Duke’s response. Nicely non-PC, to my mind.

Sunday was lovely and after a bit of gardening I had a quick fettle on the bike to sort out some slightly unhappy gears. To give it a test, and to see how the knee would go on a bike in the real world I decide to go for a quick solo ride – only my third outside this year. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive but it was really good and (for me) surprisingly fast – 42km @29.5kph (26 miles @18.3mph).

Figuratively, my knee has been all over the place this week (although, literally, it has had the decency to remain between the bones of my upper and lower leg). It has felt much better at times and has then started hurting for no apparent reason – and at times the pains have seemed to be coming from at least three different points.

However, after 10 days without running, on the plus side, the Achilles is cured (I hope) and the knee is improving. On the negative side, my guess is that I’ve sprained the Medial Collateral Ligament, just as I did back in December 2019. I’m assuming that it’s a grade 1 sprain and it should heal within a few weeks.

I’ll keep a careful watch on its progress and run when it seems sensible. I am still going to do the ultra marathon in July – it just remains to be seen how much training (beforehand) and therefore running (during) will be possible.

At least I’m still way beyond the demands of the event website training plan (plan 1).

 Target Plan 1 My Actual Target Plan 2
Week 5: Miles (Km) 19 (30) 39 (63)
‘Running’ Totals 67.5 (108) 120 (193) 172 (277)
Week 5, Ultra Marathon training (with rounding)

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: He who runs faster, tires faster

Omil’s less wise words: He who runs further messes up his knee

2. BBC News website: Korean cosmetics brand apologises for beauty product that is less environmentally friendly than its packaging suggests.

Last year a green-tea beauty product was launched in what was labelled a “paper bottle” as part of the brand’s initiative to reduce the use of plastic packaging.

A customer questioned the product’s eco-friendly credentials and shared photos of the product showing that it was actually packaged in a plastic bottle wrapped in paper.

3. BBC News website: Facebook mistakenly removes French town’s page

The social network’s algorithm confused the name of the town Ville de Bitche, with the English insult. Bitche’s mayor said the Facebook page of the town (population 5,000) was removed on 19 March for violating site rules. “The name of our town seemed to suffer from a bad interpretation,” he added.

Facebook said it had reinstated the page on Tuesday after spotting the error.

Residents of the Oxfordshire village of ‘Great Coxwell’ are nervous

4. BBC News website: Chinese man kidnapped and killed in body swap scheme

in Guangdong province all dead bodies must to be cremated. A family hired someone to provide them with a substitute body, which was cremated in place of a deceased family member who was then secretly buried in a traditional burial.

But, while the family assumed the man they hired would look for another dead body, he murdered someone in order to fulfil the deal.

5. BBC News website: Egypt seizes ship that blocked Suez Canal

Egypt will impound the giant container ship that blocked the Suez Canal last month until its Japanese owner pays $900m (£652m) in compensation.

One of the Ever Given’s insurers described the claim, which includes $300m for a salvage bonus and $300m for loss of reputation, as “extraordinarily large” and “largely unsupported”.

6. Another ‘almost’ joke: Name five footballers with names associated with meat

Bary Venison, Tony Currie, Frank LeBoeuf, Patric Berger and Paulo Wanchope

Like last week, my apologies to those who do not follow football (soccer)

13 thoughts on “Gym (x2), turbo (x2), mechanic, ride (what, no running?)

  1. unironedman

    I wonder does ‘fettle’ carry across the pond? It’s a great word, but seems quintessentially British. I need to use it more 😉

    Great work on the bike, and the knee seems to be coming around. Delighted to see you are carrying on the proud tradition of self-diagnosis and not bothering with any of those annoying medical people. 🙂

    As regards football, any thoughts on the all-consuming Death Star of the new European Super League? The end of football and jumpers for goalposts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      We follow Swindon Town (currently rock bottom of Division 1) so we know very little about football – and, sadly, it appears possible to say much the same about the team and the manager. However, viewing it from afar, football has been about greed for many years (owners, authorities and players) so there’s very little that’s new in this proposal. I’m thinking of coming out of retirement as the litigation that will follow from things like the threat to ban players from all other football if they play in the Super League will, at least, go to fuel the greed of the legal profession for some time to come. It’s an ill wind …

      Liked by 1 person

  2. olderrunner2

    Sorry to hear about your knee giving you so much trouble. I hope it heals with a little more time off. You are doing great on the bike!

    Regarding the curls. If she really likes them, you can just let your hair grow out again and be as scruffy as you want. 😉

    It’s hard to believe that an environmentally friendly company would just wrap a plastic bottle in paper and call it a paper bottle. Did they really not think anyone would catch on?! I didn’t realize that everyone in China has to be cremated. The body swap thing is awful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you – my fault, I fear, for thinking I was 35 and not 65.
      I don’t think all of China mandates cremation – but it seems to be a regional thing and especially in cities. In the UK people often buy houses based on school catchment areas – I wonder if China will ever have a house market based on burial-rules?
      I think the Korean company backtracked and said the environmental push was that there was less plastic used in the bottles!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you – I was off running for 4 weeks and although I’m back into it, it would be daft to try to make up for the lost time or get back to the programme that caused the problem in the first place. The ultra will involve more walking than I’d hoped but I do expect to make it to the start line. I was pleased to see that you are back in the land of the training and hope the running coach works out well. Very happy to be back to the gym but it also means into the pool in preparation for September’s triathlon – my least favourite discipline by a long way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Omil Post author

        I have the perfect combination for swimming, no technique and too little strength. I’m doing the Blenheim Palace sprint distance (750m, 19.8km, 5.4km). It’s the swimming in general and the open water nature of it in particular, that worry me. I had a first (ever) open water session last week which went fairly well – but I envy you your swimming ability. I’ve got to improve my swimming to ‘adequate’ first, and then master the open water bit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LornaTri’s (Ultrarunning and Triathlon training during the menopause)

        Oh if it’s any consolation I’ve done lots of swimming in a pool and lost all my speed in an open water swim start toa triathlon because it’s all about position. If you aim for outside and middle and draft off everyone you’ll be way faster. All that said you’ll pass all the super good swimmers on the bike anyway so who cares about swimming. Your anxiety to open water will pass with time. Good luck on the tri 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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