Run, run, limp, hobble, mechanic, turbo, (if the wheels haven’t actually come off, they’re very loose)

I am very confused. The first three weeks of the training plan I’m following had 163km of running (longest 23km). The event website’s equivalent plan had 63km over those three weeks (longest 10km).

I understand that different plans will be … er … ‘different’ … but these are, literally, miles apart. The fourth week of the event’s plan is 15km whereas the plan I’ve been following has 51km. I’ve checked that it isn’t merely number dyslexia, so how can the plans be that different?

I’m now not sure what to do. I feel fairly sure that doing more training leads to a better race result. That might mean easier or faster – I’m not too worried about faster but I’ll sign up for easier. After 100+ miles in the first three weeks I don’t want the next 13 weeks of the current plan to spoil my enjoyment of running, or damage my suspect knee which has been a bit of an issue for many weeks. (I wrote this on Monday and turned out to be a prophet).

I think I’m going to ‘suck it and see’ by looking at both plans (I’ve added the plan from the event website to my table at the end of the post as ‘Plan 1’) and do what feels possible and ‘right’ for me. I’m also bearing in mind that the gym will reopen soon and 5 days of running plus the gym, sounds like too much – especially as I need to start swimming in view of September’s triathlon.

Monday was a rest day, thank goodness, but I ran with my wife on a cold breezy Tuesday – 9km (5.6 miles). Later on Tuesday it snowed and there was a little snow on the ground early on Wednesday.

That softened the blow of missing out on my first training plan run as I spent the morning rigging up a canopy and wind break for my wife who had invited some friends for lunch. Our lockdown rules are gradually relaxing and allow such gatherings but only if they are outside. They were out in the garden in 4℃ (40℉) with coats, rugs, gloves and hats – but they seemed to have a great time over their first shared lunch for months.

We all ran on Thursday – 9km (5.6 miles) but by the end of it I had a knee that was more painful than the usual niggle. We had friends over for an excellent early supper making more good use of the canopy arrangement – but this outdoor dining lark is mightily cold in the current poor weather.

My knee continued to get worse through the evening and it took until about 4am for me to find a way to make it comfortable in bed and get off to sleep. If I had any idea of running on Friday to make up for missing Wednesday, the knee put paid to that – but my son and I managed a session looking after the charity cycle shop in the morning. We sold a couple of bikes, took in two donations, fixed a few of repair issues and received another bike for repair.

The knee improved during Friday and I slept better that night but is it cartilage or ligament, or something else? Do I cut down the running or stop it completely – and for how long?

The question was easy to answer on Saturday as, although still improving, the knee was certainly not up to a run so I gave it another rest day. My heart wasn’t broken as it was cold and very wet.

The decision not to run on Sunday was easy as well – made for me by the knee. The question now is whether it needs just a few days rest or a few weeks rest to recover. Either way, it seems more sensible to give it the rest it needs now, rather than nearer the time of the ultra marathon.

I tried the turbo trainer late Sunday afternoon on the basis that might be OK in the absence of any impact or twisting on the knee. It was OK – 15km in 30 hard minutes.

 Target Plan 1 My Actual Target Plan 2
Week 4: Miles (Km) 9 (15) 11.2 (18) 32 (51.5)
‘Running’ Totals 48.5 (78) 120 (193) 133 (214)
Week 4, Ultra Marathon training (with rounding)

The gyms re-open tomorrow – I’ve booked in for a morning session.

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: Advice is a stranger; if he is welcome he stays for the night; if not, he leaves the same day

2. BBC News website: Italian navy captain accused of spying for Russia

The 54 year old was arrested in a car park on Tuesday, accused of exchanging secrets for thousands of euros.

He has refused to answer questions, but his wife said “He was just desperate”, being unable to cope with the financial strains of living on a monthly salary of €3,000 (£2,500; $3,500). She insisted he would do nothing to harm Italy. “He gave the minimum he could to the Russians” she said.

Odd. I’d have thought that ‘nothing’ is the minimum he could have given to the Russians

3. BBC News website: ‘Mrs World’ arrested over Sri Lanka pageant bust-up

Police in Sri Lanka have arrested the reigning ‘Mrs World’, after she allegedly injured a fellow beauty queen in an on-stage bust-up.

She was meant to crown the winner of the “Mrs Sri Lanka” title but, instead, pulled the crown off the winner’s head, claiming she could not hold the title as she was divorced. The winner later said she is separated from her husband, not divorced.

I do not believe that she is being considered for the lead role in ‘Miss Congeniality 2’

4. BBC News website: Fugitive Dutch cheese-seller jailed over false slavery claim

Branco van Wissen was a cheese seller working on a market in Cumbria. A rival trader selling flowers was, according to Wissen, “intimidating, menacing” and subjecting him to a “campaign of abuse and terror”.

Wissen contacted the police to accuse the rival of holding two people captive in slavery. He then fled to his native Netherlands, but was extradited and has been jailed for 18 months after admitting to an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

‘Fugitive Dutch cheese-seller’ is another thing I wasn’t expecting ever to write

5. Almost a joke: Name 5 F1 racing drivers with names linked to places in Scotland

Louis Hamilton, Eddie Irvine, Sterling Moss, Johnny Dunfries and Ayr Town-Centre

Apologies to non F1 fans to whom this probably makes no sense at all

6. RIP: The Duke of Edinburgh

I’m not much of a royalist but I do think that the Queen is magnificent and the Duke, who died on Friday at the age of 99, was possibly the last of his kind, having fought in WW2 and dedicated his life to the support of his wife and service of his adopted country. Quite a man.

15 thoughts on “Run, run, limp, hobble, mechanic, turbo, (if the wheels haven’t actually come off, they’re very loose)

      1. The Omil Post author

        Bravo, Jim’s daughter. I remember being pleased when my sons started to beat me in physical sports – it felt like a natural passing of the baton (but it doesn’t stop me trying to get my own back).

        Liked by 2 people

  1. unironedman

    Ayr Town Centre. Now that’s my kinda gag!

    As for the knee; too much running. No way that programme is designed for you. Can more running make you fitter and faster? In theory, yes. But you are just as likely to injure yourself. You can handle the distance on race day, no problem. But it sounds like you might be doing some junk mileage in there. Is there a mix on that training? Some speed, some hills, some endurance? Because reducing the miles but adding some variation sounds like a good idea.

    Go easy, my man. Knees are tricky buggers, and will let you down at the most inopportune moment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The Omil Post author

      Wise words. I enjoyed the running as it felt like I was making progress – but it seems it was merely progress towards the GP surgery. Once the knee is better, I’ll head further towards the easier training plan, I think. I have an equivalent footballer gag I might include next week … oh the excitement and anticipation!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. olderrunner2

    I’m so sorry that your knee is giving you so much pain. I hope a little rest is all that it needs.

    Those plans really are miles apart! Funny, because before I ready the rest of the paragraph, I was thinking a dyslexic person typed out the plan. LOL Does your plan have any explanation as to why the large mileages at this point.

    I agree. The minimum information the Navy Captain could give was nothing, but that would not have gotten him any money. I don’t know why people think they can “spy” and get away with it. Consequences need to be in the forefront of decision making.

    I am NOT a royalist, at all, but do feel bad for the Queen. They were married for soooo long. It has to be hard on her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you very much. I’ve looked to see if I’d stumbled on an ‘expert’ training plan but there’s nothing to explain the difference. I think I’ll slowly subside back towards the easier of the two, knee permitting.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. theleadlesspencil

    I hear you on the knee front. That has been the first thing to go when I’ve done lots (for me!) of mileage in the past. I’m trying to maintain the discipline of doing a 20+ min yoga session after each run at least (and ideally every day). I have read that running tends to shorten all the tendons etc, and yoga (or pilates etc) stretches them out, so they complement each other. Plus I can definitely feel the difference because my calves and lower back don’t feel anywhere near as tight as they used to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      … but the good news is that I can play doctor and self-diagnose (incorrectly) thanks to the internet! I think I might have to trawl back through posts and see if I started to have the problems soon after the gyms shut as I am only any good at remembering to stretch after a weights session.Thank you for the yoga/pilates suggestion, I’ll look into that.

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