Un-training, Chris Froome and reality

In the relatively few years I’ve been cycling I’ve got a lot out of it. Fitness, weight control, great memories and good friends, to name but a few. But (rather obviously) I am not Chris Froome. Sky do not pay me a few million each year to ride for them and I have no sponsors and no team back-up. Although I’m sure Chris still manages to be a fine husband and father, no doubt cycling is to the forefront of his life and pretty well everything else revolves around it.

For me, it has to be the other way round. Cycling has to fit into real life – it is not ‘real life’ by itself.

Take this week for example. Tuesday’s ride was tough and I took it easy on Wednesday recovering. Thursday would have been good for another ride but was spent preparing for a dinner party we hosted that evening. It was excellent – great company, and too much food and drink. Yesterday would have been good for a ride but we drove to take my father out for lunch. Terrific to see him looking so well at 93 – and he still loves his food and has a great appetite so I probably ate more than I otherwise would, but it was a lovely occasion.

The result, I’ve put on 2kg since Tuesday and have had no cycling. That probably happens to Chris very rarely, if ever.

This is where the compromises come in. I’m not going to nibble on a lettuce leaf at social occasions – I’m going to join in with the food and drink. I’m not going to miss out on friends and family because of cycling – they are real life and, in the main, cycling has to fit in.

Today I’m off to Sheffield with our younger son to watch a session at the Snooker World Championships . Our older son is coming home for Sunday and Monday with his girlfriend – we are looking forward to it enormously but again it will mean no (or perhaps little) cycling.

So, it looks like trying to be as sensible as possible while enjoying Easter and a ride on Tuesday. True, it’s bit close to the White Horse Challenge on Sunday 23rd but, hey, the world press won’t be there to record my time, Sky won’t be re-evaluating my contract and the sponsors won’t be worrying about whether they are getting the necessary bang for their buck.

Perhaps Chris doesn’t have it all plain sailing after all.

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