‘It never gets easier, you just get faster’ – Greg LeMond (‘if you’re lucky’ – The Omil)

Wise words from Greg LeMond – and horribly true … when I ride alone I always seem to end up pushing myself hard. It’s strange – I can do social cycling in a group but on my own it’s always full gas (or at least leaving insufficient gas in the tank to boil an egg).

On a good day I go faster but occasionally the quote should just be ‘It just doesn’t get easier’.

Today I went out for 100 km with 1294 m of climbing up 3 White Horse hills (Broad Town, Hackpen and Uffington) and what, in comparison, must have been several ponies (Purton, Snap, Rockley etc). A bit breezy and relentlessly hard despite only being at an average of 26.6 kph. True, that’s faster than I might have ridden it last year but I was hoping for better, given how hard it felt I was working.

Perhaps it was the breeze, possibly it was just one of those days when you ‘don’t have the legs’. Maybe it was the legacy of walking about 10 miles on Sunday watching my younger son running his first marathon in Brighton (4h 06m on an unseasonably hot day so a really fine performance), or perhaps just a lack of stamina after most of my training being hill reps this year.

Who knows? I just hope I can get another longish ride in before the White Horse Challenge on 23rd April (and pray that, on the day, I get into some good trains to share the work).

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