Post big ride blues?


The bike has had a couple of short rides out but has a horrible ‘clunk’ so will not be undertaking any challenges for a while

The very hot dry spell has ended – it’s still fairly warm but wet and cold compared to the previous 80+℉. I’m taking the true British approach and have started to complain about the bad weather.

I’m not sure if there is anything such as ‘post big ride blues’ but since I’ve got back from the alps I’ve certainly lacked motivation and enthusiasm.

Last week I ran with Mrs O and had a couple of social rides with friends to a total of under 50 miles – but I missed the club ride on Saturday and have simply backed out of a couple of times when I thought I might have gone for a longer run. I’ve got to start increasing the running soon, if I’m going to know if I have another marathon in me by the time entry for the Rotterdam marathon opens.

The bike is making a loud ‘clunking’ noise at the moment – but I can’t work out what it is. Nothing seems to be loose but I’ll work through it step by step and am sure it will be something obvious.

I’ve been watching the Transcontinental Race on the laptop (‘dot watching’ on the tracking screen is strangely compulsive) but that is drawing towards an end. James Hayden won for the second successive year in under 9 days – for 3,790km with 50,396m of climbing (2,354 miles and 165,338 feet). That’s a totally solo and unsupported ride through, I think, 12 countries. He rode for 606km (377 miles) in the first 24 hours of the race – and at that stage he was not in the lead. Incredible!

At present, 65 riders have finished and 83 have scratched out of 254 starters. The rest are scattered over at least 8 different countries. What an event – and yes, I would be tempted if I thought I could make a reasonable fist of it. It’s so far beyond anything I’ve ever attempted …. but there again ‘everesting’ and riding out to the alps were too before I did them.

4 thoughts on “Post big ride blues?

  1. hurleybird79

    I’m sure this is a thing. I’ve definitely suffered with a lack of motivation after doing a big ride. When I’ve been in that funk, somehow knowing that the longer I leave it the harder it’ll be when I get back on – isn’t enough motivation. Staring at google maps for inspiration isn’t enough to get me on my bike either.

    The important thing I’ve learned is to just go out, regardless of the distance. Soon enough the motivation to try a new route will come back.

    Get the bike on a stand, figure out the clunking and go for a short one! Enjoy!!

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    1. The Omil Post author

      Wise words – but I feel a bit of a fraud as it was only three and a half days solo out to the alps (the 6 days in the alps were with friends and very social). Goodness knows what I’d be like if I was ever mad enough to try something like the Transcontinental race. I have a new chain to fit – about time anyway and it may be that the current one is a link or two too long.


      1. hurleybird79

        Don’t think you need to feel a fraud – I did a 3 day solo ride to Lands End and felt the same post-Big-Ride blues, not just because of the miles/epic nature of the riding itself – but also because of the total change of circumstances and taking me out of my comfort zone was REALLY refreshing and left a big hole, not just the riding itself (if that makes sense).


      2. The Omil Post author

        It makes perfect sense to me. The training and the ride itself really dominate life for a while and the gap they leave once the ride is done is significant. I too found ‘eat, sleep, ride’ very liberating and refreshing. I fear it might be addictive!


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