Gym (x2), swim, turbo, run (x2) – a very sad loss and some of the usual trivial nonsense

I went for the ‘rustic aesthetic’ rather than the craftsman look. for the olive tree container.
The tree itself is due some judicious pruning in the Spring (and the beech hedge soon)

Monday was exciting. I had a session in the gym in the morning – for the second week there was nobody to interrupt me so it was pretty hard … but the real excitement was … (drum roll) …

… getting tickets for Bob Dylan’s ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ tour.

I’ve had a lot of experience of sitting at the laptop for ages trying to get tickets for major concerts (for my wife) – and failing miserably. To be honest, I’m a bit reluctant to get tickets for most of the acts I’ve loved over the years on the basis that I’d prefer to remember them as they were, not as they are now. Although I appreciate that he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m prepared to make an exception for Bob Dylan.

I got tickets for the early November show at our local theatre in Oxford. With fewer than 1800 seats it’s one of the smaller venues he’s playing and I did not even (quite) need a mortgage. Now I just have the agonising wait to see if the event happens or is thwarted by Covid, bronchitis, accident, injury etc etc (and hoping that he isn’t too self-indulgent but plays a lot of the old, great stuff) … but, hey, it’s Bob Dylan!

The swim doctor session in the evening was good but a bit of an anti-climax. I can’t say it’s All I Really Want To Do – I’m less Forever Young, and more Going, Going, Gone. A decent 900m despite that.

Tuesday was wet so I worked on making a wooden ‘box’ that the olive tree can sit in (in its pot). I opted for the turbo in the early evening – 45 minutes @ 26.8kph (16.7mph), with sprint efforts.

I guess the turbo ride on Tuesday didn’t help with Wednesday’s hill reps session. I just about managed the usual 8 reps but they were as hard as I ever remember them being. This time it measured 9.14km and 263m ascent (5.7 miles and 863 feet).

I took Thursday off exercise and finished the planter for the olive tree. Not a piece demonstrating any great skill – what my father-in-law used to call ‘bush carpentry’. Putting it in the right place required a lot of lifting heavy things several times, including a staddle stone but, ultimately, I think it looks pretty reasonable.

On Thursday came the sad news of concerns about the Queen’s health. I can’t pretend to be a big royalist but I really do admire her and her many years of dedicated service. It’s strange that, even despite my advancing years, I’ve only lived under one monarch.

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96, having reigned for over 70 years, the longest serving monarch in British history. We now have King Charles III, which does not fill me with great enthusiasm. Interestingly, with the next two in line being male, there won’t be another Queen of England in my lifetime.

Gym on Friday morning, suffering from the lifting done the day before with a sore back from poor lifting technique. Worse, I had to drop a weight on the shoulder and arm presses to complete the sets. Then the bike shop where my two hour stint turned into four, happily recabling brakes and gears, fixing punctures and doing a quick fix for a very pleasant young chap who suffered a snapped derailleur nearby, by turning his bike into a single speed to get him home.

My back hurt for the rest of the day, not too badly if I kept moving but it was very unhappy getting up from any significant period sitting. It improved a bit overnight but I abandoned thoughts of running and did chores around the house and garden.

Back still a bit sore on Sunday but I got out for a run. The weather was cool and misty so it was long tights and a warmer running top – both of which proved to be a mistake as the sun quickly burnt off the mist and the temperature climbed. None of the intended sprint intervals out of deference to my back, but 12km (7.5 miles) at under 6 minutes per km.

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: No-one needs help to see the location of the sun

During university holidays I worked for the local council. While fixing street lighting on a night shift, the chap with me shone his torch up on the street light to see if it had come on

2. BBC News website: Last living Monkey sues FBI

The Monkees, the 1960s made-for-TV pop group, were the subject of an FBI file linked to the Vietnam War and the last remaining band member, Micky Dolenz, 77, is suing the agency to find out more.

Portions of a heavily redacted FBI file, released in 2011, include reports of anti-US messages on the war in Vietnam. An FBI source said “subliminal messages” were depicted on screen at a 1967 concert “which constituted left wing innovations of a political nature”.

Happily, not a species extinction story, I guess the title should be ‘last remaining Monkee …’

3. BBC News website: Goalkeeper sent off for urinating in a hedge during match

The incident occurred in the 76th minute of Saturday’s FA Cup first qualifying round. The ball went out for a goal kick and the goalkeeper for Blackfield & Langley FC (who play in the ninth-tier Wessex League) needed to relieve himself – so he went up against a hedge. The referee sent him off.

Is that a good decision or was the referee taking the p…

4. BBC News website: More football madness

Chelsea football club have sacked manager Thomas Tuchel after less than 20 months in charge and despite winning three trophies (arguably the three biggest trophies available to a European club) in that time, and just after allowing him to spend £255.3m (over $293m) in the transfer window that just closed.

They have given the job to Graham Potter (currently Brighton’s manager) and it is said they are likely to have to pay £21m (over $24m) in compensation to Brighton, in addition to the compensation payable to Tuchel himself.

Monopoly money – one thing I really dislike about the Premier League

5. BBC News website: Interesting fact (in the unlikely event you like cricket)

With Queen Elizabeth’s long reign and the increasing frequency of matches, 86% of all the test matches ever played were played while she was on the throne.

8 thoughts on “Gym (x2), swim, turbo, run (x2) – a very sad loss and some of the usual trivial nonsense

  1. unironedman

    My memory of seeing Dylan many years ago in Dublin was that I didn’t really see him. Just a skulking anorak on stage, hood up, dark glasses on. I know he scowled his way through the whole gig, despite my enormous distance from the man and his totally concealed visage. I pray your experience is better. On the plus side, I’m assuming the royal funeral will have taken place by then. And you might even have a new PM 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Yes, I fear that it could be like that but I’m hoping for better. I’m not exactly expecting a showman a la Elton John or Freddie Mercury but I’ll settle for some great old songs (slightly like what we got from Van Morrison at the same venue some years ago). What, another new PM … I’m not sure about Liz Truss but I think she might see out the next couple of months.


  2. theleadlesspencil

    I’ve no idea what Dylan is like as a performer these days but I would personally put him into the category of ‘song writer’, rather than ‘singer/song writer’! I didn’t think much of his voice from his early years, but he and Leonard Cohen were amazing writers. Perhaps, though, the intimacy of the theatre will make it special. Fingers crossed for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you. I don’t think he’s a showman (from what I read, more of a ‘miserable old grouch’) but I’ll take the risk just to see him. I loved Leonard Cohen too – so sad to see his later year struggles after the misdeeds of his manager.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jeff Olson

    Hi Vince,

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your Queen. I’ve always respected and admired her. I also want to say that I really like your planter box for the olive tree. It reminded me that many years ago, I planted a Russian Olive in my parent’s yard. I love the irregular growth pattern and coloring of the leaves. The combination of that tree along with the planter box makes a nice addition to your beautiful lawn.

    Take care my friend and keep on blogging. I always enjoy reading!

    Jeff Olson

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person


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