Run (x3), swim, gym – plus cock(pit) fighting, tomatoes, pumpkins, axe throwing and pole dancing

Back to the croquet – this picture hurts as it reminds me
that the lawn used to look a bit like a lawn

We had a great Monday (a Bank Holiday) to round off an excellent weekend with the boys. A walk and a couple of games of croquet before taking them to the station to return to London.

No swim doctor session on Monday because of the Bank Holiday so I took the day off exercise after 7 sessions last week. There is no Strava activity category for croquet so I suppose that doesn’t count.

On Tuesday I headed for the hill that I use for hill reps. With holidays, tapering for the ultra and the post-ultra lull, I don’t think I’ve done a hill rep session for about 3 months and my Strava ‘local legend’ status on the segment is just about to expire.

The hill is just under 300m with about 28m of ascent and I usually run 8 reps. This time I was ready to call it quits at 6 but, having made the effort to get out there, I pushed on for the other 2. They were neither fast nor pretty (to be honest, nor were the first 6) but at least I did them. In all, 9.6km with 286m of ascent (6 miles and 940 feet).

I ran with my wife on Wednesday, a gentle but warm and muggy 5.7km (3.5 miles).

My friend and training partner had suggested a trip to the lake on Thursday – which was good as I wouldn’t have gone without that impetus. I’m not sure I was really looking forward to it but it turned out to be very enjoyable – about 2km.

Friday was, as usual, the gym – a very hard 55 minutes as I wasn’t lucky enough to have anyone there to interrupt me – followed by the stint in the bike shop.

I was going to run on Saturday morning but slept in. I’m happy to go with how I feel and I was very tired on Friday, even though the week hadn’t been particularly stressful and I hadn’t done too much exercise. Later, we drove the 2.5 hours to Brighton (it took 3) for a friend’s 60th birthday celebrations. We were planning to stop off overnight in London but, although that would have saved time on Saturday, it would have added to the journey overall so we decided to head home. A lot of driving but a good day.

The 10km race approaches. With only a couple of weeks to go, I’m not going to be able to make much difference but it seems that intervals are a good idea so I decided to do some of those (next week).

I decided that, for a 10km, running slightly over-distance is also probably a good idea so I ran on Sunday morning – 12km at 5.45 per km (7.5 miles at 9.17 per mile) … I’m not going to be setting the 10km race alight!

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: The fool speaks, the wise man listens

… or is the modern version of that, ‘the fool blogs, the wise man (or woman) reads’?

2. BBC News website: Cock fight in the cockpit

Two Air-France pilots have been suspended after the pilot and co-pilot exchanged blows as they flew an Airbus A320 from Geneva to Paris in June. Members of the cabin crew intervened after hearing the noise. One crew member stayed in the cockpit until the flight landed safely.

Impressive speed of falling out – the flight only takes 75 minutes

3. BBC News website: More than 150,000 tomatoes spilt across motorway

The splattered tomatoes caused seven cars to crash and closed much of the Interstate 80 highway in California, on Monday.

An initial collision caused the tomato truck to swerve into the central divide of the motorway, spilling fist-sized tomatoes across a 200ft section of the motorway, leaving a sea of red sauce about “two feet deep”. Three people had minor injuries and a fourth is in hospital with a broken leg.

This is fact – it’s not pulp fiction

4. BBC News website: Man paddles 38 miles in giant pumpkin

Duane Hansen set a new Guinness World Record for paddling 38 miles (61km) down the Missouri River in a giant pumpkin. He grew the 846lb (384kg) pumpkin in his garden with the aim of beating the previous record of 25.5 miles, set in 2018.

5. BBC News website: Pole dancing axe thrower

An Irish woman has been crowned the world champion after winning the Double Bit Axe Throwing competition in Canada. The 31-year-old was introduced to axe throwing by a friend while at university and said she hoped her win would inspire more women to get involved in the sport.

Pole dancing is another sport that she has done for a number of years. She said that it helped in axe throwing and that ‘The pole-dancing community is actually very similar to the axe-throwing community where you’ve got that love, camaraderie and support’.

6. BBC News website: ‘Man of the Hole’: Last of his tribe dies in Brazil

The man, whose name was not known, was the last remaining member of an indigenous group in Brazil and had lived in total isolation for the past 26 years. He was the last of an indigenous group whose other remaining six members were killed in 1995. The majority of his tribe were thought to have been killed as early as the 1970s by ranchers wanting to expand their land.

He was known as “Man of the Hole” because he dug deep holes, some of which he used to trap animals while others appear to be hiding spaces. His body was found on 23 August in a hammock outside his straw hut. There were no signs of violence.

10 thoughts on “Run (x3), swim, gym – plus cock(pit) fighting, tomatoes, pumpkins, axe throwing and pole dancing

    1. The Omil Post author

      It would be good to get towards 56 minutes but the website does say that it’s not a pb course so that may be beyond me. I rather suspect a big ‘about’ in the depth estimation, unless there was a pothole that filled up (very likely if it had been over here).



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