Run, swim, turbo, gym, run – heading back towards normality?

With no adverse reaction to Sunday’s turbo session, I guessed I might be through the food poisoning so I ran (gently) on a very warm Monday morning – just under 6km (3.7 miles).

I ran at just under 6min/km but it felt a bit harder than it should have – a reminder to play myself back in carefully. That’s fine, as I don’t think I’m going to do any particular training for September’s triathlon (other than in the water).

I worked in the garden on Tuesday but went to the pool in the evening and swam 1km – I’ve no real idea as to the time as they seem to have lost the poolside clock. I’m not sure I’m getting much faster but it is getting easier and I’ll settle for that at this stage.

That completes a (sort of) triathlon since the turbo session on Sunday. At about 56 hours it wasn’t the fastest and I must work on the transitions – T2 was over 30 hours.

After more time in the garden I took the rest of the day off – still not back to 100% by any means and I’d only put on 0.5kg of the 3kg I lost being ill last week. More work in the garden on a wet Thursday but I did manage to get on the turbo in the evening for 30 minutes @ 30.5kph (19mph).

Friday started with an hour in the gym and a session manning the cycle shop before we drove down to Bournemouth later on to spend Saturday working to clean the house before the next visit with friends. With the need for cleaning time, heavy rain on and off, high winds, and (still) less than 100% recovery, the running kit remained unused – but the cleaning got done.

Back to Oxfordshire late on Saturday and a run on Sunday which started badly but improved as it wore on – about 7.2km (nearly 4.5 miles) at just under 6m/km. Still not quite right – but improving.

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today

2. BBC News website: Firm fined £2.6m for claiming clothes prevent Covid

An Australian activewear firm has been fined £2.6m for claiming its clothing “eliminated” and stopped the spread of Covid. A judge said the company’s claim was “exploitative, predatory and potentially dangerous”.

The company maintained that it had been misled by its own supplier. “A trusted supplier sold us a product that did not perform as promised,” said Lorna Jane chief executive Bill Clarkson.

Not sure on what basis that claim could have been believed

3. BBC News website: Backlash over marriage question in Olympian’s interview

A Chinese state media interview with an Olympic gold medallist asking when she would get married and have children has sparked backlash online.

The CCTV segment with Gong Lijiao, who won the women’s shot put final on Sunday, also described her as a “manly woman”.

4. Athlete: Cindy Sember

Cindy Sember (full name Cynthia Nonyelum Sember née Ofili) is a US born athlete who competes for Great Britain, specialising in sprint hurdles.

Interestingly, she is also the answer to the question “When is Christmas?”

5. BBC News website: 13-year-old Sky Brown wins Olympic skateboarding bronze

“It was a super sick final,” she told BBC Sport. “All the girls were ripping it, it was insane.”

13 and speaking a foreign language. I did manage ‘super sick’ a week ago but I’m not sure that’s what she meant ….. I must be getting old

6. BBC News website: German pentathlon coach thrown out for punching horse

A German coach has been thrown out of the Olympics for appearing to punch a horse which was refusing to jump or trot during the modern pentathlon.

Coach Kim Raisner was heard on German TV urging tearful athlete Annika Schleu to “really hit” the horse while she struggled to control Saint Boy during the showjumping round of Friday’s women’s event.

But bravo Tom McEwen – who was at school with our sons (and I remember as a thoroughly nice lad) who won team gold and individual silver in the 3 day eventing at the Olympics.

7 thoughts on “Run, swim, turbo, gym, run – heading back towards normality?

  1. olderrunner2

    I’m glad to see that you are feeling better and getting back out for a couple of run. Funny about your 56 hour triathlon. I think the swimming portion getting easier will quickly lead to getting faster. Sounds like you are doing great.

    I like your African Wise words. Except, I have heard that tomorrow never comes. 😉 I’m trying to do better at planning for the future, but not at the expense of enjoying today.

    Yeah. Not sure who would believe that clothing could prevent CoVID since it’s a respiratory illness.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you very much. Normally, simple food poisoning tends to be over and done with fairly quickly – I wonder if there was another bug involved? Happily, not the obvious one!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. olderrunner2

        I was wondering that too. When I had the stomach flu that was going around here a couple of months ago, I was not feeling back to somewhat normal for over a week and my stomach still isn’t back to “normal.” Interestingly enough, I have a continued symptom of burping a lot every time I eat. That was never a thing before, so I know it has to be a residual affect from being sick. I hope you get back to normal soon.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. unironedman

    Yes, T2 needs a little work!

    As for the horse… our own athlete’s medal hopes were similarly dashed by a recalcitrant equine, but as we have experience with these things, we were smart enough to lead the animal out the back before we shot it. That’s how we roll.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bgddyjim

    Um, they (meaning the CDC, they) continue to tell us masks made out of two layers of cotton T-shirt cloth will stop covid. Heh. That company gave up to easily! The American government says it, so it must be… oh, wait…

    Liked by 1 person


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