We win a national award!

The cycle park opening. We now have trees planted, exercise machines a cycle tool station, off road routes and more coming

I know I tend to go on about my local cycle club – how we set up a company, became a charity, built a cycle park, run cycle training for children and adults and set up a shop to repair and recycle bikes.

Farcycles (‘Faringdon cycles’, from where we are based and pronounced as ‘farcicals’) was set up purely as an informal cycling club more that 12 yers ago. It has always had a social conscience and sense of community and over the years it has become more than just a group of cyclists enjoying the sport.

We think it’s something to be proud of (in a very modest way, of course) but it’s great when someone else agrees. The news is now free of its embargo: we are winners of ‘The Queenโ€™s Award for Voluntary Service 2021’.

Although I haven’t spotted Her Majesty cycling at the park, or buying from the shop, it’s a great honour for everyone involved – and we wouldn’t disagree that it’s really good to have the efforts of so many people recognised.

The moral? With a few people with ideas, commitment and drive – and many more willing supporters, it’s surprising what can be achieved.

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