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After Sunday’s run I took Monday as a rest day. It’s not that the run was at all far or fast but being the first for over 4 weeks there was an element of the unknown when it came to the knee’s reaction.

Fair to say the knee is not as good as new – but is much improved. Strangely, after the cycling and innumerable gym heel drops and raises, both calf muscles were a bit tight.

What now? I’m sure it would be daft to try to pick up the training plan straight away – I’ll have to ease my way into it and simply do what I can without aggravating the knee again. If I have to take another few weeks off running in order to get to the ultra start line, I’ll do that. I wonder what the record is for the least distance run in training for an ultra marathon?

Gardening (repossessing the conservatory by evicting the geraniums, dahlias, lemon and olive trees, catmint and lily of the valley) and then drinks with friends filled the rest of Monday. On Tuesday morning it was the gym for an hour, then to lunch with friends.

Since the gyms reopened I’ve cut the weights back by 10% but increased the reps by 20% – it feels OK and I fitted in another 1km on the treadmill on Tuesday. It wasn’t even too cold and the door can be shut from 17 May!

Back up to London on Wednesday: train to our flat, pick up the bike I left there when I dropped the VW Golf off to our older son a few days ago, short cycle (12.8km – 8 miles) to Kingston Upon Thames to collect the car after his week in Bournemouth, then drive it back home. I may be getting the thin end of this car lending lark.

Gym for an hour on Thursday morning and a slightly short stint at the charity bike shop on Friday as I was recently offered ‘Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening’. It is an age-related programme to detect weakening of the aorta, so I thought I might as well take part.

The good news is that my aorta is behaving extremely well – it is 1.7cm wide so it is not enlarged. I need no treatment or ongoing monitoring as it seems that, having got to 65 without any problems, I’m not likely to live long enough for any issues to materialise. I’m not sure if I’m encouraged or depressed by that.

A friend who is exactly 2 months older than me (and with whom I rode the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux and L’Eroica) had his test a while ago and was also measured at 1.7cm – I think we may be twins.

More friends for drinks on Friday and I ran, between rain showers, with my younger son on Saturday. I’ll admit to some apprehension at running again as it was only the second ‘proper’ run in 6 weeks – but we did about 7.3km (4.5 miles) at 6 minute/km pace and it felt OK.

The plan was to take down the marquee as we are allowed to entertain indoors from Monday – but it rained pretty well continually and getting wet taking it down was as unattractive as putting it away wet so we watched the FA Cup final instead.

My wife ran with us on the same run on Sunday, and only a little slower than the day before. Everything is holding up well and only the calf muscles are really protesting. Obviously, I’ve not been working them very hard in the gym while I’ve not ben running but I think that’s just because of concern for the Achilles tendons (and they are OK with the running so far).

Falling behind the training plan now – but that’s expected as I get back into it gently. The best thing is that I managed two consecutive days running.

 Target Plan My Actual
Week 9: Miles (Km) 25 (40) 9 (15)
‘Running’ Totals 150 (242) 133 (215)
Week 9, Ultra Marathon training (with rounding)

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: If you carry the egg basket do not dance

2. BBC News website: No news today

91 years ago, on 18 April 1930, the BBC’s news announcer had nothing to communicate. “There is no news,” was the script of the 20:45 news bulletin, before piano music was played for the rest of the 15-minute segment.

3. BBC News website: Hedgehog study to assess danger of robot lawn-mowers

[NB: I think ‘Hedgehog study’ in the headline is a study of and not by hedgehogs]

Every spring, reports abound that robot lawn-mowers are injuring and even killing hedgehogs as they (the hedgehogs, not the mowers, I guess) emerge from hibernation.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is sponsoring research to find out what is really going on. The aim is to work with manufacturers to give hedgehog-friendly mowers some sort of official badge so shoppers can look out for them.

With news like this, a repeat of ‘No News’ is ever more unlikely in the future

4. BBC News website: Downing Street seeks to cancel a court judgment against the Prime Minister over an unpaid bill of £535.

The order was made against Mr Johnson on 26 October. The creditor and nature of the debt is not yet known and a Downing Street spokesperson said the claim against the PM was without merit.

UK public sector net debt stood at approximately £2,130 billion (nearly $3,000 billion) in February 2021. The £535 ($750) must be causing him sleepless nights

5. Real life: On Thursday one person in the States had 14 views on this blog but did not register a single ‘like’.

I feel I should apologise to that person for making what must have been a very boring visit.

On the other hand, if it takes 14 views before you realise it’s not interesting, you deserve everything you get.

11 thoughts on “Gym (with short run), short ride, gym, mechanic, AAA screening, run, run

  1. olderrunner2

    Glad your knee is holding up for some running and that your gym will be able to close the doors, and hence turn on the heat soon. Also, really glad you don’t have an aneurysm. I think a lot of the newscasts should say ‘No News Today.” It seems they have become more of a talk show and less of a news broadcast.

    Hahaha about the person visiting your sight 14 times with no response at all. How do you know they viewed them? I don’t think I know where that stat resides on my site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you. The little map on the ‘stats’ page gives views per country and one day the site clocked up 14 views with just one visitor from the USA. I’m with you on the news and the aneurysm!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. unironedman

    The record for ‘least amount of training’ is bound to be zero, so you are way ahead of that problem. If nothing else, that aorta will get you around 😉

    As a Leicester man, I enjoyed the final. My other team is United, so oddly enough I’ll be cheering for Chelsea in the Champions League. Yep. Who said sport makes sense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Anyone who runs an ultra without any training has my admiration and pity in equal measure. We were cheering for Leicester too (both sons went to Leicester University). Sadly Justin and Barnes have let me down in the fantasy football league by getting long term injuries just after I used my last substitution.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. unironedman

        Ah yes, I wouldn’t recommend trying an ultra without training. But also great to see that City pushed on from their shock Premiership win; everyone assumed after losing Kanté, Mahrez, Drinkwater and others that they would sink like a stone in the Soar. But here we are!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      I believe that the operation to address aneurysms is a pretty tough one and the survival rate of burst aortas is about 10%. On that basis I’m happy to have been told that it’s OK – even if it isn’t! They do it with ultrasound like the pregnancy scans – I asked them how many people do the ‘is it a boy or a girl’ joke and rather got the feeling that it’s a lot.

      Liked by 2 people


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