Happy Christmas

A short post to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas, however constrained it may be. Also, best wishes to anyone on a running streak that will include the holiday period. Bravo.

For me, it’s been Monday, gym; Tuesday, run; Wednesday, gym; and Thursday (today) run. In the next few days, I expect to eat my body weight in chocolate and undo all the good already done this week, plus much more besides.

On Boxing Day, Oxfordshire goes into the UK’s Covid ‘tier 4’ – the most restrictive tier. Harsh for a small village like ours from which the virus appears (he says with crossed fingers) to be completely absent. The nearest town, Swindon, has a significant problem with the virus – but will be in tier 3.

It will mean we can only leave home for a ‘reasonable excuse’. Non-essential shops, leisure and entertainment venues will shut, so goodbye to the gym for the third time this year – but we can continue to exercise as much we choose.

… but let’s look on the brighter side – vaccines are arriving and a Brexit deal appears to have been actually/almost agreed (not that we, the general public, will be in a position to judge it and it will be either a raging success or a complete sell-out, depending who you listen to).

Ho hum.

Just one bit of interesting stuff this half week

African wise words: He who toils in the sun enjoys the shade

Seemed beautifully inappropriate for winter in the northern hemisphere

11 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

      1. Jeff Olson

        You are right. The standard set by 2020 has been quite low, but I try to remember just how fortunate we are. My wife was able to retire two weeks ago. My son in law has a good job and most importantly, we’re all healthy. Blessings abound, but we have to remember to look for them sometimes.

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