Gym, run, turbo, gym, run, run – and the impending return of lockdown

Domestic stuff on Monday but a gym session on Tuesday. Any expected benefit from taking it gently last week didn’t materialise – the machines were a random mix of the same, easier and harder.

There were a total of 6 other people there during my hour – twice what I’ve seen lately. Still not crowded and still feeling relatively safe – but I’ve come to like it empty.

Later I took our older son back to London and also managed two other very good things: seeing our younger son for a socially-distanced coffee, and then a run down the Thames Path to the Fulham football stadium and back. The run was very enjoyable but I seem to have pushed fairly hard – 7.4km (4.6m) at 5m 23s per km. Not at all fast, but quick for me.

On Thursday came the news that the City of Oxford (less than 20 miles away) will move into ‘tier 2’ of England’s Covid restrictions on Saturday. It appears that there was a proposal for the whole of Oxfordshire to move but that was rejected by central government. So, we in the village remain in tier 1 … at least for now – national lockdown on its way in the hope that it can be followed by a relaxation over Christmas?

The biggest difference would have been the loss of our ability for 6 people from different households to mix indoors. We have just such a gathering for supper on Sunday evening which can go ahead, but it might be the last for a while if the county’s experience as a whole gets any worse.

[and since that was written, we have had the announcement that England goes into a new, nation-wide, lockdown for a month from next Thursday].

Back on the turbo trainer for 45 minutes on Thursday evening – 23.1km @30.8kph (14.35miles @19mph) with four 90 second sprints and a 2 minute ‘hill climb’ to finish.

An hour in the gym on Friday and I ran with my wife on Saturday morning. The arrival of storm Aiden meant that it was raining and the wind was blowing over 40mph (65kph) so we did our short run – and I added some extra to make it 8.3km (a bit over 5 miles).

It was one of those days when you really don’t want to go out for a run – but once you do, *you really enjoy it* *you really wish you hadn’t* (delete as appropriate).

We ran again on Sunday – a gentle 7km (4.35 miles) in more wind but at least it was dry.

We will get our social supper tonight but a month’s lockdown starts Thursday next week. The general rule is to stay at home but we can still exercise outdoors – it’s a pain but we have to do our bit to fight the virus so we will live with it.

The gym will shut which is annoying as I’d just got into a routine (rut?) of three runs and two sessions at the gym and one on the turbo in a normal week. I guess weeks are not going to be entirely normal for a while yet.

Interesting stuff this week

1. African wise words: The camel should not forget that it has a long neck.

I love the African wise words, but this one is a bit deep for me. I wonder what giraffes should remember.

2. BBC News website: Essex firefighters rescue three men from tumble dryer

Three men, thought to be in their late teens, crawled into an industrial-sized dryer at a derelict laundry on Friday. Two were in the dryer when the third’s ankles became trapped in the door as he crawled in.

I saw this on the day of the announcement of Sean Connery’s death. As the tumble drier wasn’t working, I assume they were shaken, not stirred

3. BBC News website: Police officer raiding illegal cockfight gets killed by rooster

A Philippine police officer has been killed by a rooster during a raid on an illegal cockfight. The rooster’s gaff – a razor-sharp steel blade attached to the leg of fighting roosters – cut his left thigh, slicing his femoral artery.

Cockfighting has been banned during the virus outbreak. Before the pandemic, it was allowed only in licensed cockpits on Sundays and legal holidays, as well as during local fiestas.

Incredibly sad and so unlucky. Not for me to comment on the practices and traditions of others but I don’t think I could go to a dog, bull or a cock fight, legal or not

4. BBC News website: Cancer patient’s leg treated in separate Glasgow hospital

The patient remained in Clydebank while her left tibia was removed and sent on a 20-minute journey where it was treated with radiation at a Cancer Centre before being returned to Clydebank and reattached.

I’m delighted for the patient but what would Mary Shelley say?

5. BBC website: Indian doctor duped into buying ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ for $41,500

Two men have been arrested in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for allegedly duping a doctor into buying an “Aladdin’s lamp” that they promised would bring him wealth and health. They even pretended to conjure up spirits from the lamp, in line with the tale from The Arabian Nights, Indian media report.

The men had reportedly wanted more than $200,000 for the lamp but settled for a down payment of $41,500.

Judging by the price reduction, the market in magic lamps must be suffering during the pandemic. They are very cheap on ebay – and every bit as magic.

9 thoughts on “Gym, run, turbo, gym, run, run – and the impending return of lockdown

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you – I am immodest enough to be quite pleased with that. Connery is my favourite ‘Bond’. I remember going to see Dr No in the cinema when it was first released in 1962.
      Thanks too for the good lockdown wishes – I hope your election passes off safely and, whatever the result, the nation comes together again after it.

      Liked by 3 people

  1. unironedman

    You’re on a roll here! As an aside, my daughter, when she was very small, crawled into an old tumble dryer we had out in the shed and managed to close the door. I could hear her crying but it took me a number of heartbeats to find her. By god that still gives me the chills to this day when I think about it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      We will miss friends and our sons but it won’t be too bad for us. I feel much more sorry for those with young children and work commitments (and especially work insecurities). Let’s hope that action now saves Christmas.

      Liked by 2 people


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