Run, run, gym, run, gym, (rain and thoughts of morbidity)

Coming soon, back to the turbo for the first time since May?

We stayed in London Sunday night to round off a very good weekend. On Monday my wife went to meet a friend for breakfast so I managed to fit in a run, always a highlight of a trip to London.

I planned to go over Hammersmith Bridge, down the Thames Path on the west side of the river to Putney Bridge and back up the east side. Unfortunately Hammersmith Bridge, which has been shut to motor vehicles for some months, is now also shut to cyclists and pedestrians so it was a marginally less interesting run down and back up the path on the east side of the river. Childishly, I still felt that I had to cross Putney Bridge and run a few hundred meters on the other side.

In all, a fraction over 10km on a cool but sunny and delightful morning – and with the added bonus that I now know a bit more about rowing technique from listening to the megaphoned coach putting an eight through its paces.

Not the most successful ‘say hello to other runners’ outing but the response rate improved on the way back – perhaps I was looking particularly bad and got a better reaction purely out of sympathy.

On Tuesday morning I drove my wife’s car to the garage for its MOT and ran back to the house – 5.28km (3.3m) – followed by lunch with friends. A second car had to be taken for its MOT on Wednesday morning so I did that after an hour in the gym, and then the same run back.

On a slightly morbid note, while in the gym, I found myself thinking about how the benefits of exercise play out against the inevitable ravages of age. Currently I’m increasing reps/weights but I wonder how long that can continue.

Research that suggests that physical decline accelerates after 45 (that’s accelerates, not starts) – but I think that is for populations as a whole and I’ve seen a suggestion that a good deal of the typical decline is simply through a lack of enthusiasm to exercise (or, indeed, to get out of a chair).

I may not be able to hold back the years – but I can maintain the enthusiasm. However, the time will still come when the reps or the weights (or both) decrease – it will be interesting (but a bit sad) to see how that works out.

The forecast rubbish weather arrived on Wednesday afternoon – cold and very wet. The BBC forecast currently has just 10 hour slots without rain between today and next Monday. At least I got some exercise in before it turns sour. Is that the turbo trainer I can hear calling?

Better weather than forecast on Thursday but if it was the turbo calling, I ignored it – four activities in the first three days of the week being plenty – but I went to the gym on Friday.

It rained pretty much non stop Saturday and Sunday so I stayed in and caught up with filing (cutting edge of exercise there).

The London Marathon was run on Sunday – for obvious reasons, 6 months late and just an elite race around laps of a course in front of Buckingham Palace, but with individual and group events around the country (and beyond) for those not able to take up places this year. I always love the event and memories of running it in 1998 and 1999 still come back vividly. I can’t help but wonder if I could run it one more time – I’ve entered the ballot for 2021, but it’s a hard race to get into.

I loved the way Kipchoge was the only runner in the early leading group of a dozen or so to be wearing white running shoes while everyone else was wearing the familiar pink Nike Alphafly/Vapourflys. Different shoes or just a different colour? Perhaps that’s where it went wrong.

Friends over for supper on Sunday – six of us, socially distanced (while we can?).

Interesting stuff this week

1. African proverb: When you find a snake you call for help, yet when you find a grasscutter you want it all to yourself.

I thought this might be about collecting lawn mowers but apparently a grasscutter is a cane rat, and a source of animal protein

2. BBC News website: US man faces jail in Thailand over hotel review

A US man is facing up to two years in jail in Thailand, under the country’s strict anti-defamation laws, after posting negative reviews of a hotel he stayed in.

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed my visit to Thailand and how good the hotel was

3. BBC News website: Irish court rules that Subway rolls are too sugary to be bread.

The rolls used in Subway’s hot sandwiches have a sugar content of around 10% of the flour in the dough for both white and wholegrain rolls – too much sugar to be considered bread, according to Ireland’s Supreme Court.

‘Let them eat cake’. At 10%, sounds like they almost are?

4. London Marathon 2020: Eliud Kipchoge says race can bring hope to the world.

Nothing like setting the bar high

2 thoughts on “Run, run, gym, run, gym, (rain and thoughts of morbidity)

  1. unironedman

    One of those golfers, Greg Norman maybe, said something about how as he got older he didn’t do 500 sit-ups any more in the morning. He did 1,000. Or something like that.

    Anyway, I plan to keep going until my knee bones grind so much, I scare the dogs and have to wear ear muffs. Then I’ll take painkillers and keep going.

    As for the Subway rule: bang on, I say! And it also explains in succint terms why everything out of the damn place tastes the same. Mind you, our local store closed a year ago, and I haven’t had any cake, sorry… I mean bread rolls with reconstituted meat since.

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