TdF lives!

The big sporting news (for me at least) is the announcement that the Tour de France has been rescheduled to begin on 29 August, using the original route, as planned.

At one point there was talk of holding the race as scheduled, but ‘behind closed doors’ – now the aim is to fit it in after the French ban on large gatherings ends (in fact the ban will still be in force at the start of the race so there is a bit of an issue) but in time (they hope) to get decent weather for the race, which will end on 20 September.

It is good news as a boost to the morale of fans of the tour – but probably owes a great deal to economics as well, given the importance of Le Tour to UCI finances.

In the UK, we are allowed out for exercise each day but there has been a lot of debate over how long the exercise should last. There are no official rules on the point but while many suggest that long rides well away from home are irresponsible, others suggest that the absence of restrictions and the health benefits of cycling leave it to the individual.

I guess Messrs Froome, Bernal, Thomas et al will be in the latter camp.

4 thoughts on “TdF lives!

  1. unironedman

    I know over here in Ireland, cyclists have been stopped on long cycles by the police. Probably not very often, and most likely in the obvious places such as the Dublin Mountains. But still, seems a little OTT. Given most recreational cyclists with decent road bikes might do 30-50k on a normal spin (and more), then keeping within 2k is all but impossible. Not that you will get any sympathy for that argument of course, as you probably know 😉

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    1. The Omil Post author

      I’ve largely retreated to the turbo trainer for cycling – rather tedious, relentlessly hard but as safe as I can get. Terrible shame with the good weather …



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