Run, not a run in with the rooks, and an own goal (not by a footballer)

My wife and I ran on Sunday morning, more circuits of the hill fort. Too early for the bluebells but it would normally be crowded – today just two walkers and no cars. Bravo local rule adherence.

That finished the week with three runs and three sessions on the turbo. A sensible tick-over perhaps but for now it’s more about staying fit, getting fresh air and fighting boredom.

This morning we saw two walkers, two other runners and one cyclist – all keeping a very good distance and all friendly. Sadly, the good weather has apparently been encouraging people to break guidelines and there are reports of large numbers gathering in some public places.

I fear that exercise outside the home will be under threat soon if that doesn’t stop. I must get out and measure a running track around the garden …

I’ve just realised that now my ultra has been shifted to 11th July next year, I’ll be 66 when I attempt it. Even to me, that sounds very old – but I’ve paid my entry fee and they don’t seem keen on giving refunds.

Perhaps 66 is an appropriate age to try a new Route (to get my kicks)?

It probably means that I can’t do the JPP sportive or the Marmotte next year – both of them were scheduled for 5 July this year, so they will probably clash next year too. Oh well, let’s get through 2020 first before worrying about any of that.

The afternoon was spent mowing and (nearly) battling rooks.

A few days ago we found a tile slipped from a roof. The next day we noticed twigs on the floor beneath the area of the slipped tile. Then we heard the rooks in the roof space. I was going to get into the loft space to tackle them before they laid eggs – but luckily checked the law first.

It would have been a criminal offence with a maximum of an unlimited fine or 6 months locked up! (I guess my current two weeks locked up wouldn’t have counted towards any sentence). Oh well, we have guests for the next few months.

With the absence of football, there have been few own goals to watch – until the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland lent a hand.

Last month, the Scottish government (very reasonably) issued a travel warning criticising the “irresponsible behaviour” of people with second homes and camper vans travelling to the Highlands in a bid to isolate. Yesterday, the Scottish CMO and her family were seen walking near their second home, a drive of more than an hour from their main home in Edinburgh.

Apparently, she has accepted a Police warning and has apologised “unreservedly”. That’s OK then. 

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus for Oxfordshire: population c. 690,000

14/3 22

21/3 44

28/3 113

4/4 356

7 thoughts on “Run, not a run in with the rooks, and an own goal (not by a footballer)

    1. The Omil Post author

      Sadly, I don’t probably run fast enough to escape – and a few folks in the village have spotted them (you can never guess who might be a member of the rook fan club)! I believe that we are only giving them somewhere to sleep, meals not included.


  1. hurleybird79

    That tithe barn, talk of bluebell woods and hill forts – I didn’t realise that we must live relatively close to each other. My “standard” route – the one I fall back to if can find no other inspiration takes me up through Coleshill past “Badbury clump” (as I know it) and used to take me past the tithe barn – but I found the lane was too sketchy: fast, downhill and narrow, such that if you encountered a car coming the other way it was always an unpleasant experience. I’ve taken to carrying on straight to Faringdon and then across the A420 up to Fernham and Uffington and back home through the villages along the Ridgeway.

    Today was supposed to be the start of my 4th London to Paris – hence being on here, relieving the memories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Hello neighbour. I agree about the lane down to the barn – ‘The Holloway’ locally but ‘Gipsy Hill’ on Strava, for some reason. Sorry to hear that you’re missing London to Paris, but the next tour will feel all the better for the struggle we are now going through. Last weekend was the date for the White Horse Challenge, not exactly on the scale of London to Paris but one I’ve done for years – are you a participant (in normal times)? Stay safe.


      1. hurleybird79

        I haven’t ridden the White Horse Challenge previously, but yeah – I was signed up this year. I joined the Swindon Wheelers last summer, it was through them that I signed up. It’s one of their big events, where the club attend in numbers.


      2. The Omil Post author

        I’ve ridden with some great SW chains but if I had £1 for every Swindon Wheeler who has passed me on the WHC over the years …. This was my year for going sub 5 hours …. honestly. (PB 5h 05m).


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