Turbo, turbo, run, labouring, run. Lacking a bit of inspiration

I took a day off on Friday after 11 sessions (2x gym, 2x run and 7x turbo trainer) in 11 days. Although I was on a (very small) roll, I’m sure I needed the rest. Not just physically, but mentally too (to say nothing of giving the washing machine a break).

Saturday (with a tight knee but better calf muscles) I did an hour on the turbo for 30km (18.65miles) while watching the Ireland v Wales 6 Nations rugby. Hard work but at a decent pace.

Well played Ireland – and well won England later in the afternoon, edging Scotland out in a really ugly game in atrocious conditions.

After only 7 miles of running the previous week, the aim was to do slightly more milage over the next few days. Unfortunately, Storm Caira arrived on Sunday, with heavy rain and winds of 50+mph (80+kph) so I wimped out – yet again – and resorted to the turbo trainer. I did just 45 minutes (well, it was Sunday) watching some of the France v Italy rugby, for 23.13km @30.8kph (14.4miles @ 19.2mph).

The storm had largely blown over by Monday, but it was still wet and windy. I was struggling to find the enthusiasm to get on the turbo trainer again so I went for a run instead. Strangely enjoyable despite 20mph winds and intermittent rain – and all the better for being finished just before the hailstones started. A gentle 4.4 miles, but it was an actual run.

As with most runs, I had twinges in knees, feet, ankles on the way round but nothing severe or lasting – and I even remembered to stretch my calf muscles after it.

Some of Tuesday morning was spent wheelbarrowing hard core for a soak-away at the cycle park, until a hydraulic leak on the mini bus tail gate put a stop to that. I took the remainder of the day off exercise but ran on Wednesday – 10.2km (6.3miles), not quick but a few miles under my belt.

It’s a bit of a labour at the moment – I guess I’m not enjoying the running as much as usual because it’s hard getting back into it and I’m worried about a recurrence of the knee ligament problem. I’ve probably also overdone the turbo trainer a bit in the last few weeks.

The ultra in July, and even the 90 mile sportive in April seems a long way away so I’m a bit short of inspiration. Still, I’ll keep at it – improving weather, getting out on the road bike (eventually) and more running without knee trouble will improve it all, I’m sure.

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