Turbo, turbo, turbo, gym and a dead laptop.

The last nine weeks in a nutshell: Barbados, Christmas, New Year, skiing, sprained Medial Collateral Ligament. Great (other than the MCL) but not exactly the training I needed.

However, all the holidays were all really enjoyable so perhaps the mental side of the (non)training has gone well and I now feel ready to get down to some hard(er) work. That’s no bad thing as the White Horse Challenge sportive is in April and the 50km ultra marathon follows in early July.

Skiing obviously involves a certain amount of exercise but it would be better if I walked up the slopes before skiing down – and I have no intention of doing that. Worse, staying in the French Alps involves eating a lot of bread and potatoes, which I usually tend to avoid, and even more cheese than usual. Being on holiday also means drinking on weekdays which I don’t normally do.

Accordingly, on Monday morning I was about 69kg – 2 and a bit kg over par (152 pounds, nearly 5 pounds over target). Reasonably encouraging.

I decided that I would not run until February to give the knee just a few more days for recovery so Monday evening it was back to the turbo – 22.02km in 45 minutes @29.13kph (13.7 miles @18mph). It was hard work and both knees were a little unhappy. I guess the skiing gave them both a bit of a work out – otherwise I can’t think why the right knee was protesting. Perhaps it’s just coming out in sympathy.

Another 45 minutes on Tuesday – 23.54km @ 31.4kph (14.6 miles @ 19.5mph), and 45 minutes again on Wednesday – 22.62km @ 30.16kph (14 miles @ 18.75mph).

Gym on Thursday morning for quite a tough 50 minutes, with most of the weights back to normal (but 5kg off leg curls and extensions).

No reaction from the knee but I gave the turbo a miss in the evening.

The other thing this week has been my wife’s laptop which died just before we went skiing. It turned out to be a real fatality – a completely defunct hard drive. We’d been talking about replacing it but hadn’t done anything until it was too late.

Of course, it then became clear that it hadn’t been backed up to the external hard drive for several months – and our ‘One Drive’ storage was full (and had been for a while) so that wasn’t helpful either. In a flash of inspiration I remembered that we’d taken a ‘cloud’ subscription when we bought it all those years ago (6 or more). Even more strangely I could find the links and the password so many happy hours were spent on Thursday downloading ridiculous amounts of data – mainly photos onto a new machine.

A very close call flirting with disaster which would, of course, have been all my fault. No sessions on Friday as the new laptop had not behaved properly in its recovery of the files from the cloud so another happy day on that.

First week back in harness – three turbo sessions and one in the gym in 5 days. Gently does it.

Next week is a bit important for me as I find out if the knee has recovered enough to start getting to a place where I can begin the ultra training programme in March.

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