Back to health, back to the gym … and back to the future

‘Hello fitness my old friend, I’ve come to train for you again’

Nasty bug repelled (or so I hope). No adverse reaction to the piece of bread on Wednesday evening so it was followed by oatcakes and fruit …. living life in the fast lane here in Oxfordshire.

A gentle Thursday was followed by the gym on Friday morning – my first proper exercise since Saturday’s run. It was predictably hard but, to my surprise, I managed the usual routine with the normal weights. Perhaps the benefit of the rest counteracted the downsides of the bug and the inactivity?

Desperate to look on the bright side, having lost a couple of kilos and weighing in at a paltry 65kg (143 lbs) I’ve probably (slightly) improved my power to weight ratio.

I suppose if there is any good thing about illness (even a very trivial illness like mine) it’s that once you get through it you appreciate good health all the more. I feel motivated and keen to get back to the training (although I wonder how long this will last).

One thing that I did notice while I was ill was how much my horizons shrank. Quite apart from not getting out of the house much, I found myself not even thinking too far beyond the next cup of coffee. I’m particularly happy to have got through that as it makes it feel like a much smaller world.

So, back to thinking about the running and cycling next year. I found a blog with a nice, neat and simple ‘quad’ ambition – running races of 50km, 50 miles, 100km and then 100miles. I like the sound of that but I wonder if I might have left it a bit late to try it myself – it sounds like a two or three year project.

I’ll attempt the 50km Race to the Stones next July first, and then think about anything beyond that in the light of how that goes (or doesn’t go!). One step at a time.

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