This hasn’t gone well

Another meal passes by

I’m lucky enough to be very rarely ill. Unfortunately, Monday decided to be an exception. I woke with a head and stomach ache, shivers and the need not to be far from a bathroom.

I’d have said it was the dodgy lunch on Sunday but our son had the same and didn’t suffer – a younger, tougher constitution perhaps. Anyway, that put paid to the normal gym session in the morning as I couldn’t get out of bed until well after 10 – and the intended turbo session that evening went by the wayside too as I could do pretty well nothing but sit quietly and feel sorry for myself.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever gone an entire day eating absolutely nothing before but it works as a crash diet as I woke feeling washed out, but otherwise slightly better, on Tuesday, well over a kilo (about 2.5 lbs) lighter.

Eventually I did eat a slice of bread more than 48 hours after my last food. That was OK so I tried a small meal Tuesday evening – just the 53 hours after the previous one. My taste buds might have been ready for it, but my stomach wasn’t, so that didn’t go well.

Down close to 65kg (about 144 lbs) on Wednesday morning.

I assumed that, in general, people feel hungry simply because they haven’t eaten. Here I am 72 hours after lunch on Saturday – and having eaten just a small meal and a slice of bread since then – and I’m not feeling hungry. I understand (and have experienced!) how a nasty bug like this one can disrupt digestion – but It would make more sense if I felt some need to eat, even if I couldn’t digest sensibly.

The bug must have some way of disrupting the normal ‘I’m hungry’ message to the brain. Makes you think that, if they could isolate that mechanism, it could be really useful.

Other than a walk with my son on Tuesday, that’s four days without any exercise – I can’t remember when that last happened. I’ve felt reasonably OK since Monday but decided not to try my luck with the gym, turbo or a run. I rather expect that this, at least, will have done me no harm whatsoever.

I might as well embrace the opportunity to rest (even if it’s not exactly an opportunity I could have refused).

75 hours in and I’m a little peckish …. to hell with the risk, I’m going for another slice of bread.

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