Gym, turbo, run, turbo, gym (lost old friends and ‘grate’ expectations)

Hidden away since 1953!

On Wednesday I said goodbye to two old friends – the cars we bought for our sons for learning to drive, and that they used for over 10 years, went to the great car park in the sky. Both blue VW Polos, they have been at the house for so many years that they were rather like members of the family – but both failed their MOTs and were beyond economic repair so we bowed to the inevitable. I was surprisingly sad about it.

On a happier note we decided to open up some fireplaces in the house that have been boarded over for many years. Inside two of them we found newspapers from 1952 and 1953 so I do mean many years. Two have splendid grates intact, so that’s an unexpected bonus – sometimes you get lucky.

For activity, the week started – as many do – with a trip to the gym on Monday morning for 50 minutes on the weights. Although my back felt a bit sore during my daily planks routine on Wednesday, I was on the turbo in the evening, with no back problems.

Recently, I’ve been hitting the turbo fairly hard but doing only 30 minutes. This time I went a bit slower and managed a fairly comfortable 45 minutes (but in a proper pool in sweat) – @29.6kph (18.4mph). On Thursday morning I ran with my wife (a bit short of 3 miles). It’s turning autumnal (a lovely word, in my opinion) here but was really good to be out in the early morning sun.

Just out of interest, if ‘autumnal’ is the word for ‘like autumn’ here in the UK, what is the word for ‘like the fall’ in the USA or Canada?

It was back to the turbo again in the evening – 45 minutes @29.5kph (18.3mph – almost exactly the same as the previous day, despite a bit of cumulative fatigue). Another 50 minutes in the gym on Friday finished the weeks main exertions.

A good week in many ways but it tells me that 5 sessions of training in 5 days (even with none of them being particularly long) is plenty. With no challenges in the diary for the rest of this year I’m still wondering why I’m pushing myself reasonably hard – probably the thought that next year’s ultra marathon training starts with a week of 31 miles.

On the professional sport front, congratulations to Essex County Cricket Club for winning the County Championship (after an unnecessarily sweaty last day), in addition to winning the T20 Cup last weekend. I’m particularly happy as Essex has been the team I’ve followed for over 50 years, having lived in the county between the ages of 5 and 15.

Congratulations too to the the English rugby team who have won their first two games in the Rugby World Cup. A decent performance by the USA on Thursday – apart from a nasty shot by John Quill that thoroughly deserved the red card that it got – but out-gunned (although managing to score right at the end with only 14 on the pitch). England looking OK so far but with a citing for Piers Francis for a high tackle as a bit of a blight on the performance.

Happily we don’t play the USA at American Football (but, sadly, I’m not sure the LA Raiders are playing it either).

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