… and now for something completely different – one man went to mow

I once mowed it all with a 14″ personally-propelled mower. I might run marathons and cycle up mountains but that mowing came closest to killing me.

I doubt that it is a good idea to start a blog post with an apology – so I’m sorry twice, once for starting with the apology and once for the slightly random topic and content.

If anyone reads this stuff, I guess it’s because of a shared love of challenges, exercise, running marathons or cycling long distances and up big hills. I expect the number of folks who read it because of a love of the intricacies of mowing lawns can be counted on the fingers of no hands, but perhaps I’m allowed one whimsical aberration every now and again.

In keeping with convention, I mow what is laughingly called ‘the best lawn’ in stripes. However, when it comes to mowing any larger area with the ride-on mower, I believe that the best way to do it is to start in the middle and mow in ever-increasing circles. It is much more efficient than mowing in stripes as it minimises the amount of going over the same bits twice and eliminates much of the stop/start, forward/reverse that is necessary the end of each stripe.

Admittedly, if a hostile power ever decided to bomb rural Oxfordshire, I might have to eat my words as, from a few thousand feet, the rear area of lawn could be mistaken for a target.

Anyway, I am informed – no, reliably informed – that the only correct way to mow a lawn is in stripes. Sadly, I must not have been in school the day that was being taught, but it is an unarguable fact, says my wife.

So, for the second mow of the year I did the big bit of lawn in stripes. It was rather frustrating, took longer and the weeping willow is still intent on sweeping the ear defenders from my head (or, in its bolder moments, sweeping my head from my shoulders).

Did I get any thanks? No, I don’t think she noticed.

I must admit that no bombs fell on rural Oxfordshire today so perhaps she has a point.

1 thought on “… and now for something completely different – one man went to mow

  1. pegasus216

    I must confess to agreeing with neither you nor your wife. I mow my patch in ever decreasing rectangles, starting from the outside in.
    Have always found it the quickest way, no going back over mowed ground nor need to turn at the end of each strip.



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