Marathon Training week 5/20: turbo, run, x-train, run, run … and another patented training device

Pre-run Achilles warmer – other brands of kettle are available

After the turbo on Monday and run on Tuesday, Wednesday was a ‘rest’ day – no running, cycling or gym, just four or five hours of pretty hard labour helping a chap do the beech hedges and yew trees. I’ll certainly credit myself with an hour of cross training for that (and so will change the heading to my activity table accordingly).

Thursday was properly a rest day (save for the emotional stress of doing tax returns) and I ran the same windy 6.3 miles (10.15km) on Friday as I had on Tuesday (but a fraction slower).

The Achilles tendons continue to improve, with little discomfort while running and less hobbling afterwards. I can now do proper heel drops with both legs and with just a little pain from the right leg (for weeks I have had to keep the left foot on the step to take some of the weight off the right Achilles).

For now, at least, the only things holding me back are age, lethargy and a lack of talent.

The long slow run for the week was just about fitted in with Alex, early on Sunday – 11.4 miles (18.3km). So, week 5 complete and no missed sessions (but next week will put paid to that record). Alex’s phone app records our runs as longer distances that my Garmin – I hope his is right.

Our sons are now home for Christmas and later on Sunday I collected my father too (a 8 hour round trip in constant rain, but well worth it).

Happy Christmas to everyone. I hope you and yours all have a great holiday.

Week Run Cycle X-train
1 16.1m (25.9 km) 9.8m  (15.8 km)  2:00
2 18.5m (29.8 km) 13.3m  (21.5 km) 2:00
3 20.7m (33.25 km) 65.8m (105.9 km) 1:00
4 22.2m (35.8 km) 13.7m (22.07 km) 1:00
5 24m (38.6 km) 13m (21 km) 1:00
 ‘Running’ totals 101.5m (163.4km) 115.5m (186.3 km)  7:00

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