A week until marathon training begins and it’s going OK (except for the running)


Running for the over 60’s: the key tools of the trade

To be honest, when I signed up for the Rotterdam Marathon I was expecting to be thinking about running shorts, shirts and trainers – not compression socks, ankle supports and ice packs.

Welcome to marathon running for the over 60’s!

On Thursday, my gym companion, Ian, and I drove to the gym instead of running as both of us are protecting injuries. To compensate we did 50 minutes, which is a bit more than usual on the weights and rowing machines. I’m concentrating on leg exercises but am doing a bit of everything to keep some balance.

Friends came over for supper that evening and although the injuries felt a bit better on Friday morning I decided not to run, partly to rest the tendons, partly because Mrs O has generously shared her cold/flu with me and partly so I could fully enjoy the delight that is clearing out gutters (I just love this rock and roll lifestyle).

Instead it was back to the turbo in the evening for 15km in 30 minutes (18.6mph).

On Saturday we went to Bicester Village – a very stylishly done designer outlet shopping centre, with an impressive array of brands (if you’re impressed by such things). It has its own mainline railway station – the only one I’ve come across in the UK where announcements are made in Chinese and Arabic – such is the tourist pull of the place.

Definitely outlet shopping on steroids.

In general, that sort of thing is my idea of hell but I’ve not been for years and they do have a Rapha shop. In fact, I discovered that they also have an Asics shop (very down-market beside Stella McCartney, Lacoste, Armani, Gucci etc) where I managed to get a pair of their top range cushioned running shoes for 36% of the RRP. If I can’t run injury-free in those, I can’t run injury-free in anything.

In the afternoon I was back on the turbo for 23.27km in 45 minutes @31kph (14.45 miles @ 19.26mph) while watching the first half of Scotland v Fiji (Rugby Union). It was hard – I’d clicked up a gear towards the end of Thursday’s session and forgot to click it back down.

A strange thing happened this (Sunday) morning – the Achilles felt pretty good so I put on some kit and went for a run. I believe this is quite permissible as part of marathon training.

It wasn’t too dramatic – the same as Monday: 6.8km (4.2miles) at almost exactly 4 hour marathon pace. I could just feel both Achilles’ for the first mile but the left then eased. The right stayed at nothing more than a slightly nagging level of discomfort … but we’ll see how they are tomorrow.

So, some exercise all 7 days this week – 120km on the bike (74.5miles), 13.6km running (8.4 miles) and 50 minutes in the gym – and exercise for 13 of the last 14 days.

Once I start to increase the intensity of effort on specific days I’ll certainly enjoy the days off – currently I’m very tired before 9.30pm most evenings and that’s a whole 30 minutes earlier than normal!







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