Two steps forward, three steps back


From a pretty bridge near Fairford, Gloucestershire, on Monday

On Monday I went for a very social ride with two friends, stopping at a pub for lunch. About 67km (41.5miles) with 520m (1,700feet) of ascent, taken at a leisurely pace around some great country roads and through some picturesque villages. It was thoroughly enjoyable – it’s good to have a reminder that a gentle cycle can be as much fun as the normal thrash at a speed that makes it (at least slightly) painful.

I used the winter wheels after Saturday’s tyre disaster. While the best rear wheel has had a continuous rattle and a slip in top gear since I fell and bent the rear mech hanger in July, these ran smooth, silent and without any slipping. I’m not sure how that works.

On Tuesday morning Mrs O was feeling better but not quite up to running so I went alone – 6.8km (4.2 miles) at a reasonable pace but with some pain at the back of my right heel, below the current Achilles tenderness. I noted it as one to watch.

On Wednesday morning, I found that the original Achilles problems (which were just above ankle height on both legs) were much better – but the new one (below ankle height on the right leg) much worse.

The old Achilles problems didn’t stop me running but I can’t run with the current one and that’s a bit depressing.

I was expecting the marathon training to be a bit of an exercise in injury avoidance and management – but I’ve not even started the proper training before I’ve failed on the avoidance and am into management!

There is at least some encouragement that I’ve managed to run through the original problems but it’s back to the OMIL-patented icing approach (two pairs of socks with a freezer pack stuffed down between them behind the heel).

No running on Wednesday as a result but I got on the turbo for 30 minutes for 14.7km (9.1m). I kept my right heel pretty locked to avoid too much movement but of course even that requires some strain on the Achilles – it will be interesting if the exercise has done more harm than good.

We had friends over for supper on Sunday and Thursday, were out for lunch on Tuesday and will be out both for lunch and supper next Sunday. Needless to say the weight reduction programme is on hold.

This is not going terribly well so far. It can only get better …


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