Back on the treadmill (literally)


Tools of the trade (or, at least, the trade of the next 6 months)

I didn’t run to the gym on Friday – I decided that if the tendons were going to be troublesome, it would be better to find that out in a more controlled environment, so the car seemed a safer bet.

As it was, I did half an hour of weights and then went on the treadmill. The thinking was that it would be slightly more cushioned than the road and easier to abandon if it wasn’t going well.

I only ran 5km (3.1 miles) in 27:12 but the legs felt pretty good considering that I’d not run for 3 weeks. With the compression socks back on (putting them on is good exercise in itself) the test was going to be how the legs were on Saturday ….

… and they weren’t too bad at all. They felt stiff immediately I put foot to floor but they eased quickly and within 10 minutes of moving about there was only a little residual soreness. It will be good if they recover completely – but if that’s as bad as it gets, that’s OK with me.

I weighed in at 68.2kg Saturday morning – about 150 pounds. That’s around 1.5kg (3.3 pounds) more than normal – probably due to the reduced exercise over the last three weeks, and my father’s visit (mainly through keeping him company in his love for very sweet deserts). I inherited his sweet tooth but, at 63, I try to resist it more than he needs to at 94.

While my father was staying with us we spoke a bit about the family tree – I’m not sure one has ever been done but he has given me an outline of the previous couple of generations so I’d have somewhere to start.

Apart from his 94 not out, my mother lived to nearly 87, my paternal grandmother to 90 and my paternal great great grandmother to 101 (pretty impressive for someone born in the 1830s). Encouraging, but to my mind it’s not only the length of the life but also the quality that matters.

On Sunday morning the legs were much the same as Saturday even though I’d not done any real exercise. I did another half hour on the turbo in the morning, 16.86km @ 33.7kph (10.5miles @ 21mph). A little faster but no easier.

So, this week just a modest hour on the turbo, a weights session and a 5km run – but the tendons have been tested and are, at least, functioning.

I’m sure the weight will go if I now resume more regular cycling and running, but I’ll increase the running slowly and try to hit the start of my 20 week Rotterdam Marathon countdown doing about 15 miles a week.

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t increase running milage by more than 10% a week. That’s a bit of an issue coming from zero last week but let’s not be too literal on that one.



2 thoughts on “Back on the treadmill (literally)

  1. bgddyjim

    I used to go with 20-30% increases, but I was a young buck in my 30’s back then. I’d go two 5k’s the first and second week, add a third in the third week, then stick with the 10% rule.

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