It’s style, Jim, but not as we know it


Back to the turbo on Friday, I did 24.4 km @ 32.5kph in 45mins (15.16 miles @ 20.2mph). It’s not getting any easier.

Although the pedalling movement does involve some stress on the Achilles’, I’m guessing that the lack of body weight to support, and the lack of impact, should mean that it’s OK to carry on with that.

Desperate for any ‘edge’ in this running and fitness lark, I bought myself some new running shoes (red, so they’ll certainly go faster) and some compression socks. They are supposed to help with blood circulation and can be worn before, during or after exercise. I like them during exercise (they are also supposed to help to stop muscle vibration) and afterwards where they, allegedly, help recovery.

I don’t know if they really do anything useful but they do feel pretty good. Since they are knee length and white, they are not exactly a fashion statement – but my days as a style guru are long behind me (if they ever existed) so that doesn’t seem too much of an issue.

I felt pretty good on Saturday morning so, with Mrs O out shopping, I nearly went for a run. In the end I think common sense got the better of and I didn’t.

It was very much like my bike ‘everest’ last year – towards the end of that I was descending fairly slowly as I’d invested too much effort in the previous climbing to want to throw it away on a crash (‘everesting’).

This time, I’ve invested too much in not running to want to throw that away by running too soon.

So that was the end of the week’s training activities (such as they were) as we were out for lunch with friends on Sunday. Our hostess is a personal trainer and sports massage superstar. Amanda sorted out my knotted quads before my first marathon in 1998. It’s the only time I’ve ever had any sort of massage but it was absolutely invaluable as I doubt that, without her help, I’d have made it to the start line let alone to the finish.

Never one to turn down an opportunity for free advice, I’m happy to say that Amanda endorsed the current plan.

My father is visiting for a few days next week so exercise is likely to be on the back burner. I’m guessing his morning routine does not involve much running, cycling or gym work – but there again, at 94, why should it?

I’m planning to run again late next week by which time I’ll have not run for two weeks –  I can’t wait to find out if my legs are going to play nicely.

Today’s top tip: if the washing machine and tumble drier both stop, don’t automatically assume they have finished their cycles and that it is safe to unload the washing machine. It could be a blown fuse and the locking mechanism that stops the door of the washing machine being opened when it is full of water might not operate in those circumstances. Wish I’d known that an hour ago.

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