How to cycle to the alps (I hope): No6, get back to some training


A parched lawn – why doesn’t clover suffer from the heat as much as the grass does?

It’s got hot here in the UK – this week has been close to 30℃ – mid 80s℉. After months of complaining about the cold I wonder what is a reasonable period to wait before I start complaining about the heat.

To finish off a couple of weeks for training, on Friday it was up to London with a Saturday morning run and supper with friends in the evening, so it didn’t get any better.

On Monday a group of us (4 retirees and one who doesn’t work on Mondays) got out for a really good and sociable ride. It was 87km with 973m of climbing @25.1kph (54miles and 3192 feet @15.6mph).

It was a good example of yet another benefit of riding with others – it was a route I’d not have thought of … there is a danger of getting into a rut and just riding the same routes if you only ride by yourself.

I always reckon that if the climbing metres are expressed as a % of the distance in metres, anything around 1% is a hilly ride, anything around 2% is a seriously hilly ride and anything around 3% is mountainous. So, it was hilly by my ratings (my everest being over 3% and the Cinglé du Mont-Ventoux being about 3.5%).

Tuesday morning I ran with Mrs O and then I spent the day in London. After a run and nearly 6 hours of driving I did not feel like getting on the bike in the evening but managed to persuade myself to do 50km on the turbo in 1hour 03mins @ 47.3kph (31 miles @29.4mph).

Despite starting at 8pm is was very hot. I’m not sure if this is a personal best but my first drip of sweat appeared within 4 minutes.

Back on the turbo again on Friday to complete the 3 day block after a day waiting in for a couple of deliveries and having a fence erected and a hedge trimmed. A hard and hot 50km in 1hr 05 minutes @46kph.

Friday was back to the turbo (65km in 1h 22m @47.5kph – 40.4miles @29.5mph) and Saturday was very sociable, leading the club blue ride. It was a good attendance for the blue ride – 13 bikes, and a fairly leisurely 54km (33.5miles).

I did it on the Giant having found the Rose with a flat in the shed – at least it had the decency to go down after I finished Monday’s ride – but it confirmed that the Rose is the one to take to the alps.

I took the opportunity to do my 9th 3 day training block by getting on the turbo Sunday evening too – yet another hot and sweaty session for 42.9km (26.6m) in an hour.

It was horrible: one of the hardest sessions I have done for a long time …. much too soon after Sunday supper and a couple of glasses of wine. If I needed reminding, it’s got to be easy on the big heavy meals and alcohol during the day when I’m cycling.

All in all, a much better week for distance with 6 rides, a run and some serious sweating for England.


3 day training block Distance Week Distance
1 150km (93m) 1 271km (168m)
2 246km (153m) 2 407km (252m)
3 160km (100m) 3 319km (198m)
4 249km (155m) 4 Run 21+ m swim & gym
5 205.1km (127m) 5 205.1km (127m)
6 225km (140m) 6 280.5km (174m)
7 123.4km (76.7m) 7 55.5km (34.5m)
8 187km (116m) 8 123.4km (76.7m)
9 163km (101 m) 9 369km (229m)

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