How to cycle to the alps (I hope): No4, train consistently …. oh


I thought that last week was going to be terrible for training – being proved right is no consolation.

After the quick 55km on Monday 11th June, the week turned into visiting and being visited and a trip to London for Father’s Day – all really great fun but not making much of a contribution to getting ready for a ride of just over 500 miles (800+km) from Caen on the north French coast to the alps in the Haute Savoie region, east of Geneva.

We did manage a 6.8km run up in London on Sunday, which was really good.

The positives at least were a very enjoyable week, and keeping control over my weight – still under 66kg (146lb).

So, I got out just after midday today – the 7th three day block in my eighth week. The idea was to clock up some miles without any particular target speed in mind – rather, I tried to set a comfortable and sustainable pace and see what speed that translated to.

It didn’t go too badly – 123.4km in 4hr 24min @28kph (76.7miles @17.4mph).

I did it non-stop and it was a good deal quicker than the 25kph I have in mind for an average through France, but think I need to develop my fuelling strategy. I doubt that the textbook recommendation, for over 75 miles, is to leave home after nothing but coffee and a pitta bread with cheese – and then eating two small bananas on the move (with less than one bottle of water).

What is clear is the importance of the wind. It was blustery today and without anyone to hide behind, I made good speed with it but had to work quite hard into it. If I have any significant headwind on my way to the alps, my 25kph average isn’t going to happen. If the wind’s a bit helpful, I might be a bit more hopeful.

So, all I have to do is to cycle for the distance I did today and then a bit more in the morning … then do all that again in the afternoon … and repeat for both the following two days. How hard can that be ……..


3 day training block Distance   Week Distance
1 150km (93m)   1 271km (168m)
2 246km (153m)   2 407km (252m)
3 160km (100 m)   3 319km (198m)
4 249km (155m)   4 Run 21+ m swim & gym
5 205.1km (127m)   5 205.1km (127m)
6 225km (140m)   6 280.5km (174m)
7 123.4km (76.7m) …   7 55.5km (34.5m)
      8 123.4km (76.7m) …


3 thoughts on “How to cycle to the alps (I hope): No4, train consistently …. oh

  1. bgddyjim

    Yeah, it’s going to be pretty hard. You better get to work on that confidence of yours, though. Otherwise you’ll turn back the first time it gets hard… and it WILL get hard.

    Positive attitude, man. It’s riding a bike, man. If it’s hard, slow down 1 mph and spin on. It’ll get better.



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