How to cycle to the alps (I hope): No3, distance above speed …. oh


Rats, I may live to regret this.

After a day in London on Monday (including about 4 hours in the car) I decided get on the turbo for a quick session as I didn’t think I could make it the first of the next 3 day block.

Back in the second week of May I did 40km at 49.2kph – also on the turbo, of course, I cannot get anywhere near this speed on the road – and have been wondering about whether I could do a 50kph average.

It appears that I can (plus a bit).

I thought I’d just do 25km but still felt good at that stage so I carried on for the full hour and managed a grand total of 55.5km (34.5miles). The second half hour was done at 60kph (37mph).

I’m pleased, of course. Even though the turbo reads very kindly, that’s still 25% faster than I normally record on it and more than 10% better than my previous best.

The bad news is that I’m now wondering:

  • first, can I maintain anything like that in the future
  • secondly, have I been kidding myself that I’ve been doing hard sessions up to now?


That second point could be an issue. I remember a while ago riding up a long hill, thinking I was working hard, when three cyclists went past me. With that extra incentive I latched on the back and eventually overtook them all … clearly I had been kidding myself that I was working hard before they turned up.

It may just be a sign that too much turbo is not good for my mind. Unfortunately, circumstances mean it’s the turbo or nothing for a few days, so I assume that yet more confusion is on its way.

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