How to cycle to the alps (I hope): No2, do some training


Just reminding myself what a bike looks like when it’s not on a turbo

After a turbo session on Tuesday, we ran on Wednesday morning before I went down to Bournemouth for domestic chores.

Thursday it was back on the turbo for 65km in 1:26:14 @ 45.2kph (40.4 miles @ 26.8mph) before friends came for supper. I’m still working on the garage clearance so Friday was also on the turbo – this time for 75km in 1:41:19 @ 44.4kph (46.6miles @ 27.6mph). The bonfire I lit on Monday finally went out on Friday – happily the wind had not changed direction so the village was not smoked out.

We ran again on Saturday morning – our fastest 4 miles for nearly two years, so perhaps my cycle training is rubbing off on Mrs O.

Turbo again in the evening to complete the 3 day block. It was a tough 85km in 1:56 @ 44kph (53miles @ 27.3mph). Not too surprising with two turbo sessions and two runs in my legs over the previous three days – but perhaps the best thing is that I stuck at it. That might be one of the real benefits of the turbo – it’s easy to stop and get off but it could be character-forming when you really want to, but don’t.

Still short of miles …. because most of the training is on the turbo. However, it’s at a pretty decent intensity (for me) …. because most of the training is on the turbo.

Even though the turbo speeds are not very real world, I work hard, drip my way through every session and finish completely drenched. It’s not a pretty sight. I’m also keeping to the 3 day training block approach.

If I can start to do some longer rides outside in the coming weeks I think it will prove to be a very good base that I’ve laid down.

What’s that noise I can hear … I hope it’s not me whistling in the dark.

3 day training block Distance Week Distance
1 150km (93m) 1 271km (168m)
2 246km (153m) 2 407km (252m)
3 160km (100 m) 3 319km (198m)
4 249km (155m) 4 Run 21+ m swim & gym
5 205.1km (127m) 5 205.1km (127m)
6 225km (140m) 6 280.5km (174m)

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