As simple as A, B, C, D (anti-climax, brides, cycling and deluges)


Rural Oxfordshire – very pretty but the road drops at over 10% under the arch of the trees

It’s easy, when you are away on holiday, to assume that nothing happens at home. Most of the time that’s a fair assumption for a sleepy Oxfordshire village like ours, but while we were away in Morocco a mixture of warmth and rain made the garden sprout in all directions.

Getting back from holiday felt like a bit of an anti-climax but amid the unpacking and washing, the weeding and the mowing, the biggest ray of sunshine is that the mower decided to repair itself while we were away. For a couple of weeks I’d been able to get forward and reverse – but it only went forward at it’s slowest speed. Miraculously, it now works perfectly again.

Happily, I managed to do the mowing on Thursday before some huge thunder storms rolled in – which meant it was back on the turbo for the first day of training block 5.

It was very hard – my heart wasn’t really in it. Starting in the middle of a deluge I left the conservatory door shut – but it became very hot once the rain stopped. My rule is that turbo sessions are non-stop (no, I don’t know why either) so I carried on in the heat for 50km in 1:08 @44kph (31 miles at 27.3mph).

Friday was spent starting to clear the garage as part of our de-clutter exercise. No fun. It rained heavily late on …. so it was back to the turbo again for 76km in 1:45:42 @ 43.1kph (47 miles @ 26.8mph).

Saturday I was the leader of the second group on the club red ride. The first group are the fastest and can look after themselves – the second and third groups have leaders and go progressively slower but the aim is to meet up at a couple of points so folks can move between groups. The groups seemed to be continually splintering and re-forming because it was ridden at a quick pace and hit some hills. I ended up with the front group for some reason – happily the whole ride was full of experienced club members so leadership wasn’t an issue.

In all, 75km (47miles) in 2:48. A really good (but hard) ride with 839m – 2750feet – of climbing. I had to bail out at the halfway point as we were going to the wedding of a daughter of some good friends in the afternoon (a spectacularly good, traditional English country wedding with marquee at the bride’s parents magnificent manor house).

I don’t think bailing out saved me any distance but it avoided a bit of waiting and probably some climbing – and it was a good workout coming back solo.

So, that’s the fifth 3 day training block. Short of miles but OK for intensity. I’m not managing to increase the distances as I’d like (and as a target of 500 miles in 3 days riding out to the alps, requires) but I hope I’ve turned a bit of a corner with motivation – I was struggling with that on my return from holiday.

3 day training block Distance Week Distance
1 150km (93m) 1 271km (168m)
2 246km (153m) 2 407km (252m)
3 160km (100 m) 3 319km (198m)
4 249km (155m) 4 Run 21+ m swim & gym
5  205.1km (127m) 5  205.1km (127m)

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