End of the second week’s training – aches, pains, sweat and Kevin Keegan


This can only mean it’s been back to the turbo

After 7 days of riding out of the previous 8 I took Wednesday off to go to London for a lunch where Kevin Keegan (former footballer and captain of both Liverpool and England) was the guest speaker. He was excellent – very interesting and witty – Mrs O and our sons were there so it was great to have everyone together.

Mrs O was not overly keen on the event beforehand (not being a great football fan) but ‘King Kev’ won her over too. He was very good at having time for everyone and posed for endless photos and signed innumerable autographs. Quite a man.

I took Thursday off as well but got back on the bike Friday for the first of the third three day training block. With various things needing to be done it ended up being the turbo. Having got outside to cycle, the turbo is a much less attractive proposition and it’s hard doing big distances on it but I managed 65 km in 1:27:19 @ 44.6 kph (40 miles @ 27.7 mph).

Again my legs felt very heavy early on but they improved and finished strongly – the ride must have had a big negative split.

It’s a pattern that’s developed over the last few rides, I wonder if it’s a by product of the training – although it seems strange this time as I’d rested for the previous two days. On balance, I think I’m happy with it that way – in general, how you finish is probably more important than how you start.

I overslept on Saturday morning and woke with a sore throat and more aches. That might be another explanation for the heavy legs on the turbo. Having just started a new 3 day block, I decided to carry on with it, health permitting but to tone it down a bit on distance.

I’d promised that I’d run with Mrs O so we did our usual 6+km (just under 4 miles) which went well and in the late afternoon I was back on the turbo. With no intention to do any great distance, I went for a quicker ride and did 40km in 48:44 @ 49.2kph (25 miles @ 30.56mph).

I wish I’d been looking at the average speed as I was clocking around 60kph for the last few kms and might have been able to get to a 50kph average before collapsing. Looks like the 50kph turbo session is for another day.

I woke today with an equally sore throat and muscles that were generally even more sore. After gardening and domestic stuff I struggled to get the enthusiasm for the turbo but managed 55km in 1:19:41 @41.3kph (34.1 miles @ 25.66mph).

Out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after the session – I lost 0.7kg (1.5 pounds) which I guess is all fluid. Remembering ‘a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter’ that’s 1.2 pints (0.682ml)!

A decent week for distance but a lighter third training block. That’s not surprising given that it was all on the turbo and I’ve not felt on top form. Given that, I’m reasonably pleased with the effort.

So, the second week of training for the ride to the alps looked like this:

3 day training block Distance Week Distance
1 150km (93m) 1 271km (168m)
2 246km (153m) 2 341km (212m)
3 160km (100 m)

Next week it must be back on the road again – and more miles.

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