Bike bags and gladrags (apologies to Rod Stewart, no tartan*)


That looks like a bike you could ride out to the alps …..? Yes, I know I should put something in the barrel – but I’m not sure it hasn’t simply rotted through.


The bike bags I plan to take with me on the ride to the alps have arrived. I decided on a third (for the top of the top tube), taking the total expenditure to an eye-watering £18.50 – the best part of $26. I know, this is getting out of hand!

They say they are waterproof but at those prices I think I’ll make sure all the stuff inside is in plastic bags.

My idea is not to mess too much with the aerodynamics but to have a couple of small bags for things that I might need to put my hands on quickly, and small items that might be harder to find in the big bag.

The bike theme is a strong ‘stealth’, open weave, carbon fibre black but, very sensibly, I have gone for bags with flashes of red.

As everyone knows, adding red to a bike makes it go faster.

The big bag is said to be 10 litres. I assume that means it could hold 10 litres (17 pints) of fluid. It’s hard to picture how much that is in practical terms.

Of course, the weather at the time will influence what I need to take. Apart from cycling kit I’ll be wearing, I think I’ll need:

  • a second cycle kit in case I can’t wash the first, arm and leg warmers, hi viz waterproof
  • a pair of trousers, a shirt, socks, underwear, shoes and fleece for evenings
  • a credit card, passport, european health card and insurance details
  • the Garmin, a phone, a tablet (PC), chargers and a power pack
  • a minimalist medical kit
  • lights, lock, a spare tube, some patches and some tools.

I think I’ll also take a notebook with directions in case the Garmin fails and an emergency blanket/bivvy bag, for use if accommodation fails to materialise.

Is that enough – and will it fit?

I’ll start having a look to see how the packing might go.



My weight bobbled around the 154 pounds (70kg) mark for the first quarter of the year but I got it down for the sportive and it’s now comfortably around 148 pounds (67kg). Weight doesn’t feel too crucial for the ride out to the alps as that is fairly flat – but being trim won’t hurt the weeks’ cycling when I get there.

*I’m not a big Rod Stewart fan but I do like ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ (also recorded by the Stereophonics) and ‘In a broken dream’ (recorded with Python Lee Jackson).

I suppose Sir Rod is in most people’s lists of the top ten most famous living Scotsmen – even though he was born in London – along with Sean Connery and perhaps Chris Hoy, Sir Alex Ferguson (get well soon, Sir Alex), Billy Connolly, Ewan MacGregor, Jackie Stewart, Robert Carlyle, Colin Montgomerie, etc ????

I wonder how many of them live in Scotland?

4 thoughts on “Bike bags and gladrags (apologies to Rod Stewart, no tartan*)

  1. Sharron Yaxley

    In my seat bag I carry clothes ( yes spare pair Knicks, jersey), toiletries, light weight dress, shorts, tshirt. That fills the bag and my sandals I put in a plastic bag strapped on top. I have a top seat ‘handbag’ with money, passport, battery ( for Garmin, phone, camera), ventolin spray. I have a front handlebar bag where I carry my spare tube, spare derailleur parts, small tool kit, camera, reading glasses, iPad, riding jacket, rain coat, arm and leg warmers ( stuff I might need during the day so you don’t need to,touch the seat bag). It has two,side pockets just big enough to have a bike lock on one side, ve to,in on the other. In NZ I tried a backpack too…never again! Oh and charging cables ( into seat post bag). Great Work!,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Bags made by Tardis Enterprises, I assume. I’ll be without the handlebar bag in the interests of aerodynamics but hope, based on this, I may not be too far away from being OK for 3 days. Thank you very much. Hope the injuries are healing well.


    1. The Omil Post author

      It’s on the ‘fall back’ list, Andy. Everything I’ve read suggests they either make your back extra sweaty and uncomfortable or hurt your shoulders (or both).



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