Tyres to the tarmac


To the rear, the Tithe Barn in Great Coxwell. Built in the 1290s – quite magnificent. To the fore, Rose X-Lite CRS 3000, build 2015 – I love it but doubt it will last over 700 years.

It finally stopped raining on Thursday and the sun came out – but it was still cold (for those of a wimpish tendency like me) at about 7℃ (45℉).

I girded my loins and got into the cycling kit and headed off for only my third ride outside since early November.

It was surprisingly tough (if I had any dreams that the turbo had turned me into a finely tuned cycling beast they were quickly dispelled) but very enjoyable. As before, I tended to run out of a bit of steam towards the end but managed a solo 71.49km @27.1kph (44.4 miles @16.84mph).

A random route looking for at least 65km but through some very pretty villages – I went past Kate Moss’ house but she didn’t ask me in to help model cycling kit – can’t think why.


No, not Kate Moss’ place but the tithe barn again – owned by the National Trust and said to be the oldest working tithe barn in the UK


I must try to remember how that sky looks in case we don’t see anything like again for some time

Before that, on Tuesday I’d done 65km (40 miles) in 1:28 (44.3kph – 27.5mph) on the turbo and on Wednesday – 50km in 1:05:10. I was going to go for 65km again but the bike computer stopped just after the 50km mark when my sweat shorted it out – classy!

Weight loss on Tuesday 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and on Wednesday another 0.5kg (1.1lbs).

Just the 14km left to complete the week’s 200km target – but, on the evidence so far, the sub 5 hour White Horse Challenge is completely beyond me.


1 thought on “Tyres to the tarmac

  1. Jeff

    Glad you were able to get out for a ride. The tilth barn is gorgeous. I just love seeing photos of the English countryside. Congratulations on the weight loss. Despite my best efforts this week, I’m holding steady as of this morning. 😦

    Liked by 1 person


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