Recovery mode?


With stuck seat-post issues on the Fort framed bike, the De Rosa gets relegated (promoted?) to the turbo

Most interesting headline of the weekend: ‘Queen to start 2018 London Marathon’. I’m disappointed that they don’t seem to think she’ll finish it – she just needs to put in the training.


Anyway …… I woke up on Saturday feeling a bit better after falling out of the apple tree on Thursday – not exactly gambolling around like a newly-born lamb, but better.

There were a couple of new bruises that I’d not spotted before (drowned out by the main injury, I guess) but they’re not major issues.

I have no idea exactly what I hurt – but I certainly hurt it. The main pain is in the small of my back, right of centre. I guess it might be a bruised kidney but no symptoms other than the pain, so perhaps it’s just a good thump to the muscle.

I’d been doing well with the weight – I’d lost nearly a kilo (2 pounds) in 4 days by Friday morning – but, of course, injuries need to be treated with comfort food. Despite that, and with the lack of exercise and a fine Sunday lunch with friends, I held on to most of it for a 0.8kg (1.75 lbs) loss over the week.

However, all this has set me back (even) further in my training for the White Horse Challenge on 22 April. Not good news – but it has spurred me on and I’m still determined have a real go at beating 5 hours (although that is getting less likely as the weeks pass). It’s a real challenge, one that would give me the gold standard …… for the under 40 age group! That’s got to be worth going for.

I had a go on the turbo this evening. Despite still being in some pain walking, it went quite well on the bike with 50 km (31 miles) in 1:08:38 (43.7kph/27.1mph). This week the aim is 200km (125 miles), injury permitting, recognising that most or all of it is likely to be on the turbo.


5 thoughts on “Recovery mode?

    1. The Omil Post author

      It’s an old tree and I can’t train it to self-prune.
      Seriously, I get your point but I’m not sure about the proper answer. ’60 is the new 50′ or ‘Once I accept a few things I can’t do because of age, where will it stop?’ Perhaps the best is ‘In future, I’ll take more care to ensure that the ladder is secure!’

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  1. theandyclark

    First, no disrespect meant, but Queen Elizabeth needs to do a lot of training to finish a marathon. I think she should start less ambitious *cough* and on a bike *cough*. Maybe a fun ride.
    More important, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this already, but lots of things can go wrong when you hit the ground hard and some of them take a while to become apparent. If the pain continues you really should see a doc.

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    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you – wise words and I’m keeping a careful watch on it.
      Although I’m not much of a royalist, I have a huge amount of time for the Queen – whether she cycles or runs (and I’ll even assign one of my completions of the London Marathon to her). Wonder if that would be worth a knighthood?



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