An apple tree, a ladder and gravity




Pruned apple tree – but it fought back

I came down to earth with a bump on Thursday – literally. I fell out of the apple tree.

Actually, it’s worse than that – I’d spent a happy (and safe) hour or so climbing in the tree and was finishing off the last few snips from the ladder, which should have been safer.

Initially it wasn’t too bad but after a couple of hours it really stiffened up. As someone who sleeps on his side, Thursday night was tough as lying flat on my back was the only way to stop it hurting too much.

It is hardly any easier today – I don’t seem to have broken any bones or ruptured any vital organs but it certainly hurts.

It’s difficult to see any positive outcomes (especially as there are a couple of twigs that I missed and cannot now prune) but at least:

  • I’ve proved that men over 60 don’t bounce well
  • Gravity has been shown to be alive and working well in Oxfordshire
  • I know what getting into and out of a bath will be like if I live to 100.

So, no running, no gym, no turbo and no outdoor cycling for a while. I wonder what people do if they don’t do any of those (or, if like me at the moment, they struggle to sit, stand or lie down)?

What an idiot.


8 thoughts on “An apple tree, a ladder and gravity

    1. The Omil Post author

      You’re very kind!
      The three thoughts that went through my head immediately after I landed were: Wow that hurt; thank goodness nothing feels broken; what an idiot for doing that!


  1. Jeff

    When I was 5, I climbed into the apple tree in our back yard. I fell out of it, and broke my left arm. That pretty much ended my tree climbing career. Kudos to you for still wanting to get up into a tree. Hope you’re feeling better very soon and that your injury doesn’t keep you away from doing things that you enjoy (like cycling). Take care!

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