Stop Press: it’s possible to cycle OUTDOORS


After an hour and a half in the gym on Saturday lifting (for me) heavy weights, Mrs O and I went for a run on Sunday morning. About 6.3 km (4 miles) but most notably it was the first time I’ve been outside for exercise for just over 4 months, what with the sciatica, holidays, and terrible weather.

I have noticed how fatigued my legs are for a day or two after the gym – so I must be doing something right (or wrong) … but at least I’m doing something. On Sunday I couldn’t do the ‘stand up from dining chair using only one leg’ with either leg. Monday morning I tried again and could do it easily with both.

Monday was very wet so I went to the gym again and worked pretty hard with increasing weights.

Even more radically, on Tuesday morning I got on a bike which wasn’t attached to the turbo trainer … and went for a ride outdoors. This was the first such ride since 9 November (when I fell off). Happily, this time I did not fall off, something that made a real contribution to the enjoyability of the whole experience.

The aim wasn’t to go too far, too fast or too hilly – and I rose to the challenge of delivering on all three of those. In the end I was out for a couple of hours riding 55km at 27kph with 282m of climbing (34.5 miles at 16.8mph and 925 ft).

Not too bad with the training wheels and a certain amount of excess me. I started off feeling fairly strong – but tired towards the end which might simply have been the run and gym session in the legs from the last two days.

This cycling outdoors idea could catch on.

6 thoughts on “Stop Press: it’s possible to cycle OUTDOORS

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you – the first half was sort of flying but the second half was more like bumping along the runway unable to reach take-off speed. Your comments three or four weeks ago about enough recovery time after the gym are so true.

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  1. theaveragemamil

    Any ride on a bike is a good one, especially those you remain upright! Notice in you pic you are up Mont Vontoux, fair play to you whenever you did it? Smiling as well, Id of been a miserable so and so! Ruing having sprinters legs and not being able to sprint!

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    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you. I did the Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux in 2015 at 60, and ‘everested’ last July. I envy you your sprinter’s legs, in comparison mine wouldn’t be out of place on a small side table.



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