Does doing a turbo session count double if you really didn’t want to do it?


After Tuesday’s hedge planting and Wednesday’s gym session, I drove to London and back today, getting home early evening.

I really didn’t feel like doing anything strenuous but tomorrow I’m back up to London for a ‘sportsman’s lunch’, Saturday looks to be wet and Sunday is Mother’s day. I knew I should do something so I got on the turbo for an hour, covering 42.1km  (26miles).

The hardest part was getting changed and getting on the machine. Once I was going it was fine – almost enjoyable.

It makes me realise that exercising when you really do not want to does not count double physically …. but it does have a real psychological payback.

I shouldn’t be surprised – I had the same thing last summer at 4.30am when I very nearly didn’t leave the apartment to start the everesting attempt (everesting, French Alps July 2017).

It would have been easy to go back to bed because I was sure I couldn’t do it – and sure as hell I didn’t want to even try at that moment – but having the resolve to give it a go meant it all worked better than I could have expected.

It really doesn’t matter how good your legs are if you don’t get on the bike. They say that the most important 4 inches in golf are the ones between your ears – in my book, that’s pretty well applicable to all sports …. and life in general.

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