Forget the turbo and the gym, shovel s*** (snow)


The weather has continued to be a real pain – on Thursday night motorists were trapped overnight for 11 hours on a road about 12 miles (under 20 km) from here. My sympathy to everyone affected by the bad weather – wherever they might be.

It was back to the turbo on yesterday, made all the more bearable by the re-run of an old episode of the original Japanese ‘Ninja Warrior’ and then coverage of the World Track Cycling from Holland.

Although my legs were still protesting about the weights session on Wednesday, they behaved quite well on a what was a bit of a recovery ride of 42km (26 miles) in the hour.

Attaching the old bike computer to the turbo bike has been a very good idea. It has pushed me to increase my base pedalling speed and has harnessed my usual competitive instincts by posting measurable performances to beat on future rides.

It confirms what we used to say about incentive schemes during my working years ‘you get what you measure’ (or, more cynically, ‘ you get what you pay for’).

Today saw a rather different type of exercise as I spent an hour, with a few others, shovelling snow from the small hill in the village. To be honest, I think that hour was harder than the one spent in the gym on Wednesday or most spent on the turbo trainer.

Happily our efforts and the start of a thaw have worked wonders and the village is re-connected with the outside world.

I’m not sure that the outside world had noticed our absence, or cares about our presence.


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