Bournemouth beach

Something that isn’t (entirely) cycling!

If you like beaches in the summer, you might wonder what happens to them in the winter. The answer is that the diggers arrive for their holidays.


I didn’t spot the sand castles but they must be huge

This is Bournemouth beach in February. The beach has just been voted the best beach in the United Kingdom – my guess is that they didn’t have just now in mind.


Looking towards Hengistbury Head – its beach was voted 7th best in the UK. In the distance is the southern part of the Isle of Wight

They are replacing groynes (the wooden walls that help to stop the wind and waves moving the sand along the beach) – no doubt it will be ready for the holiday months!

We plan to be down there for a weekend in early April with friends, including my maddest cycling friend, Philip. With luck he and I may be able to cycle back to Oxfordshire together – probably a bit over 80 miles (c. 130 km) so good training for the White Horse Challenge in April and the ride out to the alps in July.


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