Extreme turbo – a metric century


It’s like a ‘spot the difference’ competition – tri bars now attached

After a day off on Tuesday, I was back on the turbo on Wednesday for an hour at 44.3 kph (27.53 mph). It was very hard and I finished in a pool of sweat.

Without trying to do anything different, I noticed that I seem to pedal a bit faster when on the hoods compared to sitting up, and faster on the drops compared to being on the hoods. With no wind effect, it must be that my core muscles that form the ‘base’ from which I push is least effective when sitting up.

After another two days off on Thursday and Friday (I’m getting good at these days off), I got back on the turbo this afternoon. There were two 6 Nations Rugby Championship matches on (Ireland v Wales and Scotland v England) and I went into the session with the very stupid idea of seeing if I could do a metric century.

It was tough but the time went surprisingly quickly (not helped by an abject display by England) and I clocked up a fraction over 100km (62.2 miles) in 2 hours 23 minutes.

I know it’s a bit of a soft 100km – the bike computer is working fine but the turbo is very low-tech and not exactly ‘real world’ … but I’ll take it.

I put the tri bars on for the session. It’s not that the wind resistance in the conservatory is an issue, it was more to get some time on them to get used to the riding position – I’m going to need them on the attempt at cycling out to the alps in July. They are not adjusted quite right – but I suppose even that is useful learning.

On the turbo, being on the drops is particularly good as my knees massage the spare flesh around my waist. Having peaked at c. 71.5 kg (158 lbs) last weekend, my weight is coming down – now under 70 kg (154 lbs) with a target of under 66kg (145 lbs) by the end of March, ready for the White Horse Challenge in April.

The intention is to join the local gym next week.


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