Back on the turbo, with surprising (and unbelievable) results


I put an old cycle computer on the bike which is attached to the turbo (remembering to fix it on the rear wheel).

According to the computer, yesterday’s hour session produced an average speed of 41 kph (25.48 mph) with a maximum speed of 71 kph (44.12 mph) – and that was having lost top gear after 20 minutes.

Either my lay-off has really improved my cycling or the turbo is not exactly ‘real world’. Sadly, I think I know which it is.

I had no idea if that’s good on a turbo (or this particular turbo) – but it seemed sensible to ignore the actual figures and just use them as a comparison by which I can see whether or not I’m working hard on future sessions.

This afternoon I managed 44.6 kph over the hour (27.72 mph). – at least, that was the pace as calculated by the computer. Good to be able to gauge my effort – but I fear that I’ll always to want to beat my previous best.

I think I’ve just created a rod for my own back.

3 thoughts on “Back on the turbo, with surprising (and unbelievable) results

  1. bgddyjim

    Definitely not real world… 28 on a trainer translates to 20 real world. Get a smart trainer and you’ll see what I mean. Still, spin on! It’s better than polishing the couch with your butt.

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    1. The Omil Post author

      I’m sure you are right about the trainer and the couch – but I’d be happy with 20mph on the road!
      I’m not so sure about a smart trainer – I tend to distrust machinery that’s too much cleverer than me (and the wifi doesn’t reach the conservatory).

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