The world’s hardest turbo session?


Yesterday we had an excellent early evening meal in the restaurant at the top of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, followed by a terrific production of ‘The Kite Runner” (a book I really enjoyed) at the Playhouse. A great Christmas present from our sons – but it meant that half of last week’s wight loss was put back on.

With rain and temperatures still in low single figures, the plan had already been to use the turbo today but in a fine exhibition of poor judgement I decided to see if I could do a session for the whole of the Ireland v Italy match in the 6 Nations Rugby Union Championship.

To make it a bit tougher (no, I don’t know why that was necessary) and inject some variety I made another bad decision to sprint (that’s a 62 year-old’s sprint, mind you and by the end they were pretty slow) for 35 pedal revolutions for each point scored. A fundamentally stupid idea, but at least I negotiated myself down from 50 revs per point in expectation of an Irish points-fest.

A game of rugby lasts for 80 minutes with a half time break of up to 15 minutes – but the clock stops for injuries and some other stoppages. As it was, the match lasted for a total of 1 hour 47 minutes and the score was 56-19 making 2625 sprint revolutions.

OK – it wasn’t the world’s hardest turbo session …. but if you’ll forgive me for being solipsistic (and for using the word solipsistic) it was the hardest I’ve ever done and am ever likely to do.

This is being written by an almost broken man. After that experience I feel I should have words of advice to anyone thinking of doing the same thing. I have only one word of advice ….. don’t.

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