Sciatica – the nerve of it


No cycling, no cycling photos. We planted the willow 10 years ago and the fir was one of our first Christmas trees here, planted out c.20 years ago.

It’s been two weeks since my last post – normally there would be rides or runs to talk about but the sciatica has put paid to any of that. I can’t remember the last time I went so long without proper exercise but at least it’s coincided with a spell of cold weather so perhaps I’ve not missed out too much.


To me, it feels like a Northerly, not a Westerly. I hope the plane is taking people somewhere warm.

The fall off the bike hasn’t been much of an issue – tenderness on the road rash and the bruising for a few days but that’s all healed well with nice new pink skin on the elbow and hip.

The sciatica, on the other hand, has been much nastier. It started with really sharp pain in the lower back/left buttock/thigh – particularly bad first thing in the morning and whenever getting up for any time spent sitting. Apart from that, it would ease once I was moving and that meant I could even run and ride with it for the first few days. It didn’t play any part in my fall off the bike – but ironically if it had been bad enough to stop me riding in those early days I’d have saved myself a crash.

I don’t know if that meant I overdid it but it then developed into more of a constant dull ache – enlivened by occasional bouts of the old searing pain if I moved in the wrong way.

Perhaps the worst thing has been that it’s been impossible to work out exactly what made it hurt less or more – sometimes sitting would aggravate it, sometimes it would help.

It’s meant that I can’t even do any useful exercises so I’ve piled on a few pounds and have felt rather listless. The best thing has been that neither injury has really stopped me from sleeping well.

One bright spot has been that I’ve been able to cycle vicariously through some great blogs – many thanks to the authors, including: jim @ fitrecovery, Mark and Rachel @ twobritsandatent, Klem @ tempocyclist, Brady? @ baldbrady and Josh Day @ cyclingfordays. Great work folks.

I’m surprised how many people suffer from sciatica – almost every time someone asks why I’m limping I get a knowing look and a story about how how they too had suffered. The knowledge that I’m not alone is not really helping – other than the fact that they all seem to have recovered.

After three weeks it’s a good deal better – but not quite fully right. I’m hopeful of doing something this coming week but am taking it carefully (bordering on being sensible) as I really don’t want to aggravate it.

A note of caution: if you are struggling to think of something to buy a loved one for Christmas, sciatica is not the answer.


3 thoughts on “Sciatica – the nerve of it

  1. theandyclark

    Well if I can’t go with gift wrapped sciatica, would a hemorrhoid be a possibility?

    Sorry for your difficulty. It’s been a while, but I had sciatica camp out with me roughly a dozen years ago and I get little reminders every now and then. It can be a mysterious guest – coming and going on its own schedule – sometimes for obvious reasons, sometimes due to cosmic whimsy.


    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you Andy.
      Some presents just don’t need fancy wrapping (although, personally, I’d always assumed that a hint about something small and blood-red was more likely to be hankering after a ruby).
      I’d rather hoped that this was a one-off but I love the concept of ‘cosmic whimsy’ so many thanks for that.



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