Good injuries and bad injuries


The blessed turf of Lord’s (and the media centre), late afternoon – from the holy of holies, the Long Room

I really don’t like this being unwell nonsense.

I think part of it is that it’s a very rare sensation for me – I didn’t have a day’s illness in my last 15 years working and even since retirement I don’t think I’ve been ill enough to have missed a day if I had been working.

The sciatica has come as a real pain the arse (literally and metaphorically) but was improving by the end of last week.

The bruises and scrapes from Thursday’s fall made sleeping a bit more difficult that night but are healing really quickly and on Friday, having taken the train up to London, I walked to and from Lord’s Cricket Ground. I was there thanks to a generous invite from one of my brothers-in-law to a ‘sporting’ lunch in the Long Room. A great occasion – a fine meal, very entertaining speakers and really good company around the table.

I don’t know if I overdid it, but since then the sciatica has been worse. No cycling yesterday (good to have an excuse as it was raining) but two of the friends I cycle with in France came for supper (with wives). One of them was Philip, the GP, who confirmed my diagnosis of sciatica.

So, a bruised sciatic nerve that will take a few weeks to get better. The problem is that it really hurts every time I get up after a few minutes of sitting and everyone thoroughly enjoyed my discomfort (in a caring, sharing sort of way) last night as I struggled to get up to refill glasses, clear plates and make coffee.

The worst thing is that I think I’d get more sympathy if it was the cycling accident that had caused the real problems. True, I might look like a bit of an idiot for having come off but at least it would have been in the relatively noble pursuit of outdoor, healthy activity. The sciatica just came from inexpert moving of heavy furniture – where’s the nobility in that?

If you do feel the need to get injured, make sure it’s the right sort of injury. I’m sure ingrowing toenails hurt badly but they won’t induce sympathy – go for a torn cartilage making an heroic goal/try saving tackle.

Avoid trapping the finger in the car door and go for the sprained ankle on the parachute jump landing.

Or, better still, just stay safe out there.

3 thoughts on “Good injuries and bad injuries

  1. Jeff

    Keep your spirits up. It’s bound to get better with time and rest. After all, if you HAVE to take a break from cycling, this is a good time of the year to do it with colder and wetter weather being more prevalent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Omil Post author

      Thank you Jeff – wise words (not least as it’s forecast to get very close to freezing tonight). Scabs formed, bruises out – I’ve never been so colourful.



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