Exercise, insight and sociability – a heady mix


Heading down, out of Faringdon, northwards

Well, that was quite a week in many ways.

For some time now I have run with my wife a couple of times a week, as her unpaid personal trainer. We have a range of routes but, oddly, they all seem to end up being about 6km. I enjoy the running but I think it’s fair to say that Mrs Omil endures it. This week we upped the distance to about 8.5km and ran that twice – and she took herself out yesterday morning to do an additional set of hill reps (which I am more reluctant to do as they tend to cause me achilles problems). She may never become someone who runs for pleasure (although we did do a sub-hour 10k a few years ago which was very satisfying) but it’s a really good development so all credit to her.

After Friday’s ride I felt pretty optimistic that my ‘kph-itis’ diagnosis might mean I would be able to shake it off and restore a better balance to my cycling so I don’t feel that I have to maximise the average kph every time I get on the bike. It was an important insight.

A chilly Saturday morning yesterday saw the regular club ride. I deliberately didn’t go off with the fastest bunch but cycled very happily with a group of very sociable riders cracking along at a perfectly decent 23kph. The various groups were reunited at the half way ‘banana break’ and I did go back to Faringdon as part of the quickest group – covering the remaining 37km (23 miles) at a bit over 29kph (just over 18mph). So, a real success – I enjoyed the first half’s sociability and the second half’s workout. In all, a really good 73km ride with 625m of climbing (45 miles and 2050 feet) …. and a big smile!

As with so many things in life, it’s all about getting the right balance.

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