Everesting week 7 – stuck in the foothills?


What could be inappropriate about this during the TdF?

I used to be in the ‘stretching (along with lunch) is for wimps’ camp but I’m re-thinking that one as a fairly gentle run on Monday brought back the pain in my left knee and introduced a new one in my right heel.

The knee is the Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) again – stupidly I didn’t keep up last week’s stretches of the left quads. The foot – I think – is Plantar Fasciitis from a tight calf/achilles and should be sorted (spot the theme developing here) by stretching the right calf.

At least I can comfort myself that I must be working some muscles with the current training – but if it’s only those two muscles, I’m in trouble.

That meant no cycling until Wednesday. To avoid aggravating the injuries with anything too long, I did my ‘standard’ training circuit – 45.1km with 319m of climbing. I managed a PB with a 30.9kph average. I was stopped 5 times for lights and once for traffic calming so I guess that would have been over 31kph without slowing down and accelerating 6 times. I’m happy enough with that (but it would be good to get the 31 recorded properly).

Friday was 48km with 575m of climbing at a steady 25.8kph but felt pretty good. Saturday was another 49.5km with 556m of climbing, at 26.6kph.

Week Single session hill reps Longest ride (km) Total km Total meters climbed


1 10 64 139 2178
2 12 79 162 2504
3 15 52 143 3038
4 20 62 138 3045
5* 15 53 105 2212
6 25 103 164 2823
7   50 133 1450


* +2 hours turbo trainer

I’ve been wearing my vintage Festina shirt recently the hope that it might encourage people to offer me performance-enhancing drugs – but it’s not working.

If you’re new to the sport and wondering about that, see here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/special_report/1998/07/98/tour_de_france/134842.stm.

I had broken through the 65kg barrier (before my birthday weekend), my resting pulse is down in the mid 40s and my BMI about 20. I guess (hope) I’ll soon get to the point where there’s not too much more training that I can do usefully but I’ll carry on for a while and then try to keep it ticking over for a couple of weeks of tapering ….. with continued stretching.

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