Everesting training week 5 – the dog ate my homework


Must remember to wear the best padded shorts with this saddle

The week started very hot and then turned very windy. For me, neither is very good for cycling and the result is a failure to meet the targets I set myself.

I know that’s an excuse on a par with ‘the dog ate my homework’ but, following last week’s ‘reasons to be cheerful’ I’ve decided not to fret about it but to appreciate what I did manage to do.

I did the turbo trainer for an hour on both Thursday and Friday which went well but meant that Saturday morning I really didn’t feel keen on a hard ride. I forced myself to get out to Dragon Hill Road but on the first rep I was wondering if it was going to be the only one.  I kept going and ground out one after the other and did 15 in total.

It was all done into a strong headwind of about 15mph which the source I found on the internet (so it must be true) suggests is equal to another 3% on the gradient so I’m happy with the effort. I also managed to keep up my practice of making the last rep the fastest of the set.

Today (Sunday) I went out thinking I’d do a longer slow ride but within minutes I was rained on heavily and battling with another 15mph wind. That changed the plan so I went for some more hills and a faster pace. I managed 643m of ascent in about 53km at over 26kph.

Running training log so far:

Week Single session hill reps Longest ride (km) Total km Total meters climbed
1 10 64 139 2178
2 12 79 162 2504
3 15 52 143 3038
4 20 62 138 3045
5* 15 53 105 2212

* +2 hours turbo trainer

That’s almost exactly 13,000m of climbing in the 5 weeks. The aim for next week is a 22 rep session and a ride of over 100km – weather permitting.

Sadly, despite all this training, I see I’ve not got a place in Sky’s Tour squad. Oh well …

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